A Bridal shower is a well-organized party, which is hosted in the admiration of the bride-to-be so that she can spend some fun filled time with her family and friends. Bridal shower Party generally takes place 6 to 7 weeks prior to the marriage date. So, are you the bridesmaid and looking for the bridal shower ideas? Then you have come to the right spot. You can plan-out the wedding shower at any point of time prior to the marriage considering the expediency of the bride as well as the other guests. It is not suggested to plan a surprise bridal shower party as the bride might be busy with her marriage related preparations and it is most excellent to discuss with her about the best time to host such kind of event. I have written this article to give you some amazing ideas for organizing a successful and fun-filled bridal shower party 2015.

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Make a decision on the theme for the bridal shower party

After deciding the date for the wedding shower you must think about the theme. By having a bridal shower theme will assist you to co-ordinate the whole party in a perfect manner and making it more fun-filled. You have to remember the bride’s choice when choosing the theme for the festivity. Your bridal party theme can circle around the bride’s preferred holiday destination, hobby or favorite color. Outfits, decorations and bridal shower invitations must match up with your theme. It is also possible for you to include a particular gift theme, which the guests can bring to the bride.

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Select the right venue for the bridal shower

It can take place at any point of time during the day or evening. Most of the people generally host this kind of party in the afternoon, usually between 1to 4 PM. So, you can select any venue for the bridal shower based on the preference of the bride. Though, you also have to remember the time of the year, the number of guests and the theme of your party at the time of selecting the particular location. It is very much possible to host such kind of party at a restaurant or in a small garden. At the same time, you can include an outdoor barbecue bridal shower having different games.

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Choosing bridal shower invitations along with the guest list for the party

It is always preferable to send beautifully designed bridal shower invitations to the guests by including all the details of the bridal shower party like map, time and location of the venue. It is mandatory to include the theme as well as the bride’s name on it. The invitations need to match with the theme of the party. Many online stores offer such kinds of invitations based on budget and theme. Last but not the least; make sure to send these invites beforehand so that the guests get enough time to schedule everything. You have to keep in mind that the bridal shower is typically a private affair and only very close family members and friends are to be included in the guest list. Though, making the guest list can be a bit tricky and it is most excellent to consult with the bride as well as her mother to find out which friend and family member needs to be invited for the party.

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Choosing the menu for the bridal shower party

Having good food at a bridal shower is a sign of success. You can choose the menu based on the budget, time and the theme of the bridal shower party. In case, you are going to host a lunch or a brunch, then gourmet desserts, soups, cold sandwiches, exotic salads, and cold sandwiches, exotic salads would be perfect. For dinner parties, you can go for a formal 3 course meal.

Deciding the day for the Party

You can always choose Sunday afternoon to celebrate this type of party. Generally, on this day most of the people are free and do not have any work. This will also allow your guest to attend the wedding shower party without any hesitation.

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Including different types of games for the party

Planning a bridal shower party by including various kinds of games can make it more wonderful and memorable. You can include games like bingo, wine tasting, find the groom and many others. This will surely add lots of fun as well as frolic to the whole event. You can also give away different kinds of prizes to the winner.

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