Having you been looking for the best place to celebrate your destination wedding???? Then you have just arrived at the right place in appropriate time. Many wannabe-couples desire Destination themed Wedding, but always get half-baked information about it. At the same time, this year’s summer season is already knocking on the door and planning a destination wedding can be an impeccable option. So, I am going to share some ideas about how to plan-out wedding in 5 hottest destinations for the year 2015.

Destination Wedding


Cyprus is not a recently added place for destination weddings, but over the years, it just getting better and better. The villages, towns, fantastic weather and serene beaches are mind-blowing. You can choose any of the wine-clad tavern or beautifully designed resort to celebrate the most special day of your life. This place also has the facility of a church marriage.

Cyprus Destination Wedding


This Indian Ocean Island is a wonderful option and slowly stepping up as a paradise for destination weddings. Mauritius has the Tiffany-blue waters and veil-white sands, but it can offer more than just the beaches. You can plan out various kinds of activities like adventure in the rainforest-cloaked mountain, boat trip to any of the small deserted islands, scuba diving and much more. Food can put another great mark on your wedding due to its flavor, as the cuisine can include a perfect combination of African, Chinese, Indian, Creole and French based on the taste of your invited guests. For fun photographs and happy flower girls, you can ask your bridesmaids to use ribbon wands instead of the flowers. This is more fanciful and can be also enjoyed after the completion of the ceremony to run on the sand.

Mauritius Wedding Destinantion


Have you ever thought of getting married on this White Isle in any of the glam beach clubs and enjoying with the guests till dawn? The sea-view terraces and beaches are at the top the list for destination weddings. It can include jug of sangria, al fresco dancing and tapas feast to make the whole event memorable for all the years to come. For wedding dress, you can choose colors like green, coral and other vibrant ones that are contrast to the surf and the sand.

Ibiza Wedding Destination


Another wonderful destination filled with World Heritage Sites, gorgeous harbors, and red-roofed houses that set as a perfect backdrop to capture wonderful and amazing wedding pictures. All the civil ceremonies take place in stunning old buildings and reception can be planned keeping in mind the old traditions, folk music and cuisine with seafood and rajika brandy. At the same time, Design Wedding Invitations that suit your theme and budget.

Croatia Wedding Destination


Not only the weather of Turkey is warm, but even the whole scenery is pretty hot too. In this country, the wedding venues range from beachfront balconies, teal-colored lakes to mountain-view terraces. Celebrating a destination wedding in this place is a wonderful idea, as your guests will remember the whole event for all the years to come. Try out blue jewelry pieces, as they will look stunning and would remind about the ocean. They can be a great keepsake for you after the completion of the wedding.

Turkey Wedding Destinantion

I hope you would choose any one of the five destinations mentioned above to celebrate your wedding this year. Cheers!!!!