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It’s that magical time when, you can plan your dream day with ultimate fun and upbeat design scheme. Polka dots wedding theme can make your Big Day, a dream come true!! I’ve never met a person who doesn’t love a polka dot print. Polka dots never get old and polka dot theme wedding is always a mark of style & sophistication. Polka dot is a pattern which consists of dots. A particular strength of the polka dot design is the versatility it offers. The color schemes and dot sizes can be manipulated to represent a whole range of styles.

Incorporate your theme to the Bridesmaid’s Attire & Accessories

Polka dot Theme Wedding - Wedding Attire -A2zWeddingCards

As we know that every bride has dreams regarding their wedding dress and accessories. There is no doubt that brides are always looking for the newest trends. Jewelry is always been a Womens’ best friend, forever. Brides who are really stereotype in their style they should seriously consider a wedding dress with polka dots. Get in on the fun by merging a polka dot flower in her hairstyle and tying a polka dot ribbon on the bouquet will give an exotic feel. It’s one of the loveliest ways to add excitement, feminine and delightful element to your bridal look. White on white polka dots will give you a classy look. You can also make your girls stand out in cute and striking, short A-line  polka dot attire. Just adding a polka dot belt to a plain dress will be an off the hook kind look. So get ready…

Make a Yumilicious flavor with Polka Dots in your Wedding Cake

Polka dot Theme Wedding - Wedding Cakes -A2zWeddingCards

In case you are planning the perfect wedding day, the cake cutting is one of the biggest highlights of the occasion. Polka dot cakes always represents something cute and whimsical. If you are looking for yummy and adorable cake according to your wedding theme, this roundup is for you!! A Glamorous white tiered wedding cake with gold polka dot detail will surely make it perfect or replicating piped polka dot style on a fondant cake  is the easiest styles to create, and it would certainly make your cake a perfect one. Polka dot décor element is perfect for any type of wedding theme. A cake with big colorful polka dots will add a craziest fun to your wedding.

Invite your Guests with Polka Dot Theme Wedding Invitations & Stationery

Polka dot Theme Wedding - Wedding Invitations-A2zWeddingCards

As Wedding Invitations set the mood of your guests about your wedding style, polka dots on your invitations is a must to have a thing in your polka dot theme wedding.  Lets your guests know what to expect at the wedding. There is no better way to get the ball rolling than to have the polka dot design printed on the card or include a pretty ribbon with the polka dot design. And it doesn’t end here, You can include the polka dots in the rest of your stationery. Print the same design on the wedding programs as well as the signs indicating different areas such as parking, church, reception and washrooms.

Decorate your Dream Venue in a Funky look with Polka Dots Decor

Polka dot Theme Wedding - Wedding Decor-A2zWeddingCards

A polka dot theme creates a fun and playful feel to the wedding. Wedding decoration is the craziest part of the wedding, and it sets the tone of the wedding style. Make your head table sparkle with metallic chandelier that flaunt circular labels and fun spotted details. Set out stacks of striped cocktail napkins, tablecloths, and also tie backs in polka dot designs. If you look for more elements that portray fun such as hanging round paper lanterns. The round shape of the lanterns should do the trick.

Happy Wedding!! Have Fun!!!