The trend at this moment for weddings is to have an excellent and flawlessly enriched wedding in rolling pastures, outdoor chapels and rustic barns. A rustic themed wedding invokes the visions of camp, barn or farm setting with the correct details in the form of lovely cowboy boots, mason jars and much more to wear with your wedding dress. This is a perfect set for having a wonderful rustic wedding.


A rustic themed marriage can mean such a variety of things and that is the reason many couples are attracted to this specific style of marriage. It can mean anything from farm, barn, garden backdrop or even a camp setting. This kind of wedding can have a large number of shapes and the couples can have a rustic wedding in a vineyard or at a mountain. In recent times, the couples are going for this kind of wedding and making it rich, reflective and elegant based on their personal choice.


There is not any kind of hard and fast rule that ought to or ought not to be incorporated in a rustic themed marriage and one can have endless possibilities in it. To get a rustic style on the special day, the bride and groom can include things that reflect their idea for example, mismatched  vases, Mason jars and pine cones. At the same time, it is possible to have wedding flavors based on hot chocolate and granola mix, jam and honey for welcoming the guests to your ceremony.


This kind of wedding fits both indoor and outdoor receptions. One of the most ideal ways to make an indoor reception or ceremony to look rustic by using greenery leaves and birch bark. These are best alternatives or you can also use burlap tablecloths and evergreen garlands to get a rustic themed wedding.

Utilize the characteristic magnificence of the location by using it for your wedding decor. The popular shades for rustic marriage are white, dusty rose, cream, jade and gray color. You can also use wood accents that are very famous and include antique lighting, wood signage, table runners and platters.

At the same time, this type of wedding does not require opulence and lavishness of traditional marriages that take place in museums, landmarks and hotels. You can go for an outdoor setting that is one of the easiest ways to get a rustic feeling. The main aim includes the beauty of nature in the most special day of your life. It is the natural beauty of the nature that beholds the true charisma of rustic themed wedding.


In your rustic marriage reception you can apply numerous personal touches. Think of welcoming your guests with chalkboard signs like directions, sentiments and much more to impress them. You can pain all the signs on a wood by describing about the day’s menu or activities. So, it can be easily said that rustic weddings lack predictability and this gives you the ability to come up with something that is great, fantastic and completely different from other couples.