Forget the ruffled detail – your style is simple, rough, and wrapped in rustic charm. Snuggle up and get cozy because we are about to share 5 wedding color schemes with these rustic themes. Let your passion for earthy elements inspire your wedding décor.

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Rustic Winter Wedding:  Planning a rustic winter wedding can be a very economical choice, as winter lends itself to so many natural decorations. Cranberries, Pinecones, branches and more can become a beautiful decorative piece. Gorgeous whites, touches of carmine red with the most forest green are the perfect color palette for Rustic Winter Wedding. It will give a touch of a Christmas dream wedding too.

Rustic Winter Wedding - A2zWeddingCards

Rustic Snowy Wedding: Snow falling on cedars, the white mountain in the background and perfect placement of rustic barn huts and backdrops, the mixture turn the place into a veritable Winter Wonderland.  Blue and white were the main stars of the color scheme, but Gold editions were a nice way to add some contrast and style to the bash.

Rustic Snowy Wedding - A2zWeddingCards

Rustic Fall Wedding: The fall elements were purposely subliminal: dried greenery and flowers, figs and warm candlelight. The one overtly autumnal decoration was a pair of heirloom pumpkin displays. Soft, natural, and absolutely romantic, I’m loving this combination which mixes canary yellow, brown, and Fern Green. I think the setting is perfectly chic and definitely fitting for rustic fall Wedding.

Rustic Fall Wedding - A2zWeddingCards

Rustic Summer Wedding: Beat the heat with fans or umbrellas to keep guests cool and comfortable during your outdoor affair. Summer is the perfect time to infuse your day with color. Light Green and light blue with white; this is a cold color combination is one of the trendiest for a rustic summer wedding.

Rustic Summer Wedding -  A2zWeddingCards

Rustic Spring Weddings: Spring is one of the most popular times to exchange vows. The sun is shining, the grass is green, and your love is blooming along with all the flowers of the season. Create a dream Rustic spring wedding with a combination of Brunt Orange, Light Pink and Brown that can bring life to your Big Day.

Rustic Spring Wedding - A2zWeddingCards