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If your wedding is any-time soon, you might be worried about the idea of expense and wedding planning. You might be searching for money saving ideas to make sure that you save something from this highly expensive event of life. If yes, here are 15 immensely wise hacks to save extra bucks on your wedding.

1. Weekdays wedding
First and foremost cheap wedding ideas are to organize your wedding on weekdays. Most of the wedding venues are crowded on weekends and that’s why they are rented at very high cost. You will find cheap weeding venues and other things on weekdays.

2. Wedding cake substitutes

Wedding Cake Substitutes - A2zWeddingCards
One of the most affordable wedding planning ideas suggests not investing too much on the wedding cakes. You can either use a fake cake or you can offer something else in place of cake.

3. Wedding Venue Without Catering
There are a lot of wedding venues that does not offer their own catering. You can always opt for such venues as this will help you in getting your own catering to save some extra bucks.

4. Decorated Wedding Venue

Natural Decor Wedding Venues - A2zWeddingCards
You have already saved quite a deal by choosing wedding venue without catering. Now, you can save more by choosing a wedding venue which does not require much decoration. Try finding a wedding venue with natural decoration to have a Cheap Wedding Planning

5. Substitute the Flowers
Flowers are often expensive and they hit hard on your pockets for sure. For Money Saving Weddings, you could either completely eradicate the flowers or you can use artificial flowers to suffice. This will help you in saving a lot for sure.

6. DIY

DIY Wedding Planning - A2zWeddingCardsAgreed, that DIY are time consuming but, they do save a lot in weddings. You are just supposed to find some easy and creative DIYs for your wedding as the Cheap Wedding Ideas.

7. Buy Second Hand
Is it mandatory to buy new stuff all the time? If you really want to follow the Affordable Wedding Planning Ideas, you should opt to buy second hand product and things for the wedding to save money.

8. Bride’s Dresses

Wedding Dress Sustitutes - A2zWeddingCards
The wedding gowns of the brides are supposed to be beautiful but, it is not a law. If you want utilize the Cheap Wedding Planning ideas, you are supposed to cut down the cost of the bride’s wedding gown. You can find a nice white evening gown in place of proper wedding gown.

9. Be a DJ
Why not? After all it’s your wedding. You can celebrate your ‘big day’ by becoming DJ for a day. This will reveal your fun side and it will help you to save money on your wedding. If you don’t have good music sense, you can ask your music loving friend to do this for you.

10. Affordable Wedding Cards

Affordable Wedding Invitations - A2zWeddinCardsWedding cards definitely makes the first impression of your big day on your wedding guests but, a budget-friendly wedding requires Affordable Wedding Invitations. You can easily find such wedding card online.

11. Go Vegan
Its trendy and its good, you should cut down the meat rich diets in your wedding dinners. You can opt for vegan diets for the Money Saving Weddings.

12. Backyard Wedding

Backyard Weddings - A2zWeddingCards
The Cheap Wedding Ideas suggest cutting down the cost of wedding venues entirely. For this, you can plan your wedding in your backyard. And trust us, its trendy too.

13. Limit Alcohol
Yup, a lot of people attend weddings for the sake of drinking free liquor. But, this does not simplify that you should offer unlimited alcohol in your wedding. Offer less alcohol to save money.

14. Self Photography

Self Photography - A2zWeddingCards
Wedding photographers often charge too much and for a Cheap Wedding Planning, you are not supposed to hire any expensive wedding photographers. In place of this, you can become your own photographer and capture the most precious moments yourself.

15. Extra Cost to be Eradicated
People often spend too much on chairs, tents and other unnecessary things. You could save quite a deal by removing all the unnecessary things from your wedding.

These are best 15 ideas for Cheap Wedding Planning. By using these, you could save a lot.