When selecting fonts for your Wedding invitations, you must always keep in mind the theme or style of your matrimonial ceremony. Are you going to have a formal and stylish wedding, or fun and casual, outdoor or rustic or contemporary? It appears that most brides and grooms have no difficulty picking the fonts, normally a calligraphy style; they just need their names to show up on their marriage invitation cards. While picking the best text-style font to compliment that text style, in any case, is a different type of story. Of late, we get daily mails from our clients to give some suggestions for different kinds of fonts.

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To start, let me simply say that the verbal confrontation between whether a sans serif font or serif font is the most excellent is a useless contention. It’s all about an individual’s taste. The truth of the matter is that our eyes like the fonts which are common. Along these lines, in the event that you read or see sans serif constantly, then that will probably be more satisfying to your eye. The same is valid for serif textual styles. The lesson of that story is: to simply select the font which is most appropriate as per wedding card design and makes it more attractive.

Typography is a craftsman. In the event that you realize that you don’t have much of a designer’s eye, it would be best to enroll the assistance of a creative or artistic minded companion when you DIY your wedding invites. Else, you will effortlessly end up disappointed in light of the fact that there will be something not good and you have no clue about the same as what it can be. The best kind of a tip at the time of selecting beautiful fonts is to select fonts with the same essential shape/structure/style.

A2ZWeddingCards, Wedding Invitations

At the same time, you must keep few things in your mind while selecting the fonts for writing the wedding card wordings.

What type of marriage celebration you are going to have? – Is that formal or informal? Or will it be indoors or outdoors? The fonts that you select will reflect the style of your matrimonial ceremony. For instance, a stylish curvy font might not precisely portray an informal marriage ceremony.

Decide how many types of fonts to be utilized- Generally, couples select two fonts. Despite the fact that, the number of fonts you try to mix is totally up to you to decide. Then again, it’s imperative to remember that an excess of diverse fonts could be unwise and might conflict with one another. In case of a doubt, the best idea is to keep the invitation simple and clean.

So to help you in this regard, A2zWeddingCards is offering highly personalized service for selecting the best fonts for your wedding invitation card. Our in-house designers will help you in choosing the appropriate font, style based on the color, design and theme of your marriage invite. Feel free to contact us for world-wide service. Cheers!!!!