Hello, brides-to-be!!

I guess you are in the midway of your wedding planning! Choosing the best bridesmaids is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning. Just like you, every bride wants to make her wedding an extravagant and ultimate affair. To make it best, being a sweetheart superhero bride is the great way to give a best time to yourself and the bridesmaids at your wedding. As they play the most important role in your wedding celebration, it’s your time to show that you are grateful to your girls.

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Now there are some things to consider while planning a wedding that will keep your cool and awesome in your bridesmaid’s eyes. So, be a cool bride and keep these “bridesmaids guidelines for how to make your bridesmaids flatter and love you.

Ask your girls to be a bridesmaid in an amazing way– Ask your best friends, siblings and relative to be your maids in an awesome way. Popping with the bridesmaid’s question ” Will You Be My Bridesmaid” is a lovely way to ask them to be your bridesmaids. You can give my bridesmaid cards, a cool bridesmaid tee, secret message balloons, custom frames, fortune cookies, hangers and many more asking your bridesmaids to be a part of your special day. For a bridal shower party, send your bridesmaids beautiful bridal shower invitations with your wedding cards.

Be a Cool Bride

Choose the gorgeous dresses for your bridesmaids– Make your bridesmaids look beautiful on your big day by choosing gorgeous bridesmaids dresses for them by keep in mind a range of body types. For a bridal party, give a color you would like them to wear and let them choose the dresses of their choice. Not only the attire, but also take care of their feet’s if you want your bridesmaids to wear heels. Provide the shoes in which they feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

Gift your bridesmaids with special presents– Show your love to your bridesmaids by giving them special gifts with some heartfelt messages written on personalized cards. You can gift them beautiful presents like personalized flasks, sweet honeycomb card cases, beautiful flat happy notes, tea light holders, rings, cheeky necklaces and many more.

Bridesmaids Gift Items

If they offer help, let them help you– For bridesmaids, it’s such a pleasure to be involved in someone’s big day. So if your bridesmaids offer help in your bridal party, let them help you. Show your generosity by accepting help from them. So, make them feel special and delightful.

Bridesmaids Helping The Bride

Pay for their hair and Makeup– Give your girls a feel like Rock legend movie star- super models by finding someone to do their hairstyles and makeup. Designate a stylist and make them stress-free. It will be a kind of small gift from your side for becoming a part of your wedding celebration.

Bridesmaids Make up and Hairstyles

Treat your bridesmaids like your wonderful friends– Treat your girls in a warm, loving and caring way. It should look like a “We Day” not a “Me Day”. Even make your girls look identical with matching lipstick, shoes, hairstyles and accessory to reduce the “Best Bridesmaid” dilemma between them.

Treats Bridesmaids Like Friends

Say “Thank you” and show your love– Thank your bridesmaids for their special efforts and presence on the biggest day of your life. So, giving them a heartfelt beautiful thank you card and “I love you” note is a lovely way to show your gratefulness for sticking to your side no matter what.

Thank you cards for Bridesmaids

Love your Bridesmaids !!

Happy Planning !