Since the medieval period, marriages have been the example of lavishness on a global basis. Celebrating a function like wedding on a very high note completely transformed the view point about this auspicious occasion. Every bride and groom now believes that it is an event once in a lifetime. But sometimes, this superfluous view can make the function dull and unsuccessful.  For instance, recently in a wedding function all the food was supposed to be shipped from Singapore for the wedding reception, but due to bad weather condition, the flight was delayed by two hours which lead to a lot of dishonor for the wedding host.

Well, the rich people have enough money to spend lavishly on their matrimonial ceremony in order to show-off among their family members and friends. So, it can be said that huge amount of money is getting spent to show the world what it means get married. But this attitude of rich people to go over the top for celebrating the marriage has led various middle-class families in dilemma, whether to spend less or more.

But, do you really think the amount of money spend in a marriage is the yardstick for its success.

Well, as per my opinion…No! Of course not!

For example, a bride and groom take vow in front of hundreds of people and due to the large amount of money spend in the marriage makes compulsion on them to work through uneven patches rather than toss it all aside at the first hint of rough water. So, I think the time has come that we go back to the basics to find out the answers for questions like what is our definition of wedding. What is our explanation for a dream marriage? Is it about the joy that comes with finally tying the knots with your dream man or woman? Does your dream wedding have to really be the most expensive event of your life? Do you want a wedding to mesmerize your guests? What is the gauge for a successful marriage ceremony whether it is how luxurious the ceremony will be or the joy is the ceremony itself, whether humble or expensive? Or, do you want a wedding which gives you a beautiful memory, to cherish for lifelong.

I think in the true sense the attractiveness for wedding has replaced with a material contemplation that has become the real yardstick for its success.

So, time has come to ponder on this hot topic in order to make the wedding ceremony mirthful with a big No to spending excessive money on wedding ceremony.