If I have to say about a flower that I am fond of, I would love to opine about the most magnificent flower, favorite among brides with glistening yellow petals called as a beautiful Sunflower. It’s sunny and cheery appearance with dark cores boosts up its beauty and enhances its look.

Sunflower Wedding Ideas-A2zWeddingCards

Cheery flower in your Wedding….

Sunflowers are a perfect fit for Rustic Weddings where they can be beautifully paired with other florals. Right amount  of florets cater to an elegant look  when mingled with lavish greenery. For a more artistic look combine thistles with Sunflower. How romantic will be the moment for bride and groom when they’ll exchange vows in front of beautiful arch made up of eucalyptus and sunflower. Even a bespoke Sunflower headpiece will give a cool look to the bride. WOW!! Such an interesting Sunflower Wedding Idea.

Sunflower Wedding Decor Ideas - A2zWeddingCards

Appreciate your loved ones….

A beautiful color and shade  of these flowers can be used for preparing orange mums. If you are an art lover you can gift wonderful Sunflower paintings to your guests. These favors prove to be a great table accents and add up a wonderful embellishing  touch to your celebration. One of the favorite favor is seed favor, tied up with ribbons and decorated with Sunflowers.

Sunflower Wedding Favors - A2zWeddingCards

What about your Wedding Invitations???

Sunflower Wedding theme is a great choice. Create your own Invitations design. Address your Wedding Invitations  by hand. Use correct title whenever possible. This will enhance the overall look and quality of your Invite. The beautiful shades of Sunflower on the envelopes and Cards will provide a glimpse to your guests that what they can expect from the reception party.

Sunflower Wedding Invitations - A2zWeddingCards

So, when are you getting hitched with Sunflower Wedding Ideas???