Saying Thanks to your Wedding guests, family and friends is also an important part of the Wedding, as it shows your gratitude towards your guests. One of the nicest things about Thank You Wedding Invitations is that, they can never be too big, as we can’t over thank someone. They should not be delayed & should be delivered within two months of marriage to your guests. Even if you have several months left for your Big Day, you should start preparing the list to whom invitations need to be sent, which will include all helping hands as well! Begin this process from the moment you are engaged.

Thank You Card
An unexpected or spontaneous thank you invite can surely bring smile on the face of your loved ones. It will mean more than a simple thank you note after an event because it will display your heartfelt emotions. Don’t attempt to get them all done in a single sitting. It will be a little infeasible. Rather, you should make Thank You cards as part of your Wedding Planning process and should order them while ordering your Wedding Invitations.

Time is everything and you should deliver your Thank You cards within 2 months following your Wedding. After all is said and done and all guests have left, you can drop your Thank You note to everyone who attended your Wedding.

Thank You Cards
While sending Thank You cards to your guests, there are certain etiquettes that should be kept in mind, like:

1. Check twice, to make sure that the person you are thanking to is actually the person who sent you the gift. You can maintain your accuracy by writing thank you note as you open each gift.

2. For groomsmen and bridesmaids, you can express your gratitude with a bit more of Personalized Thank You Invitations, as they were closer to you on your Special Day.

3. For your friends, you can include a little gift as a token of appreciation. Thank them for their generosity.

4. You can frame varieties of Thank You phrases for your family as this is the vast group where you have to drop most of your Invitations.

5. Anyone who attended your engagement, shower or sent gifts should be thanked by writing personal Thank You notes. Always send Bridal shower thank you notes separate from wedding notes.

6. Those who hosted the party or shower for you should be thanked individually with a note along with a gift within two to three days of the event.

7. People who housed or entertained your guests should always be gifted a token of thanks.

8. Acknowledge gifts with the same courtesy in which it was given.

Thank You Wedding Cards
Sending Thank you invites to your guests will be seen as a nice gesture and will boost your emotional bonding with them. All Thank You notes should be written within two to three months of receipt of gift. It’s easier to write four to five notes a day, then to write hundred notes in a month after the marriage. Some tips to be kept in mind while sending thank you notes are:

1. Don’t send printed messages or emails, as it may be treated as formality by the guests.

2. Never mention any dissatisfaction regarding the gift, as it may hurt their feelings.

Thus, by sending a sweet card expressing a feeling of appreciation from you for your guests will let them be familiar with the fact that how much you value their love and support. You can add personal touch to your thank you note by including a photo that was taken with you and the attendee at the Wedding. In addition to thanking the gift giver, this notion will enable you to give something back to your guests as a token of appreciation.

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