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You as a bride and groom are already engaged, and date has been finalized for the grand day, but one thing which is still pending and relevant is wedding invitation card. For selecting a card in Muslim culture involves a lot of effort and planning. In Muslim community, wedding is also known as Nikah, and it is celebrated with a grand celebration.

The cards are also known as Nikah or Walima cards which reflect the traditions and customs followed in the Muslim culture. The Muslim  wedding invitation cards are available in various forms like scroll cards, designer cards and many more. A wide collection of cards for Muslim community are available to suit your marriage, but before finalizing the invitation card it is vital to keep few things in mind and which are as follows-

1. First of while selecting a wedding card you must select the right color because in Muslim culture, green color has special relevance. At the same time, color combination with the appropriate design plays a vital significance.

2. In Muslim community, style matters a lot so it is important to choose a style which best fit the occasion and your taste. It can be designer, conventional or even traditional. Nowadays, scroll as well as designer invitation cards are high in demand. At the same time, cards which are handcrafted give an elegant look to the occasion.

3. Various types of designs are also available in the market, but it must be kept in mind while selecting a card. It can be leaves, or religious symbols along with quotes and many more which gives a perfect look to the whole occasion.

muslim wedding cards, muslim wedding invitations, islamic cards, Islamic wedding invitations

4. Another important thing to be kept in mind is the theme of the marriage. As Islamic matrimonial invitation cards reflects the theme of your big day. At the same time, theme based wedding is getting popular day by day. So, if you opt for a theme based invitation it is necessary that it gets well coordinated with the marriage decorations and accessories.

muslim wedding cards, muslim wedding invitations, islamic wedding cards, Islamic invitations

5. Last but not the least point, while selecting a particular card you must keep in your mind the religious symbols which are given utmost importance in Islamic culture. The religious symbols like Moon, star etc. are used in designing a Muslim marriage invitation card.

So, the above mentioned points are to be kept in mind while selecting Islamic invitation cards, so that you have the perfect celebration on your big day. So, create an impeccable impression on the minds of people who are invited to your marriage with beautifully crafted Islamic invitations.