A wedding cake gives a perfect look to a momentous marriage day. In comparison to the older time, now the bride and groom are spending hundreds of dollars on tiered or layered confectionery creations, which provide great wedding photo opportunities and even better desserts to the invited guests. But, it is advisable to select based on your marriage theme and budget because id the cake is different from your marriage theme, it will look odd and will not give a pleasant experience. At the same time, there are various reasons why cakes may be so expensive. For example, the equipment which is used for baking cakes does not come reasonably and at the same time the ingredients used in it such as high-quality flours, butter, real vanilla, chocolate, and others have high prices.

Furthermore, the time which is invested in baking and then intricately decorating the cake adds up to quite a bit of labor and adds to more costing to a wedding cake. So, the following tips can help you in selecting a beautiful cake for having a perfect marriage celebration.

    • You can ask the restaurant or a local bakery whether the pastry chef will create your wedding cake. Many times the bakers who do not specialize in wedding cakes will make a cake at a much lower cost than compared to bakeries which are famous for making wedding cakes.

    • You can keep the decorations and flavors to a minimum because the more you design your cake, the more expensive it will be. So, always stick to the basics, and the cake won’t cost you much.

    • You can also look into culinary schools in your area as a student pastry chef may be able to produce a cake for you at a fraction of the cost of what an established baker may charge. This not only saves you money and at the same time student can use your cake as part of his or her portfolio in the school.


  • One of the best options is to skip the tiered cake because tiered cakes require careful stacking, and if the tiers themselves are made of crystal or any another expensive material, it could inflate the cost of the cake. So, always select a low profile cake to save money in wedding cakes.

  • You can also select ready-made cakes and heap them yourself or you can just find a bakery near you that keeps a constant supply of specialty cakes in their display cases and purchase 2 to 3 cakes of the same variety and embellish the tiers with beautiful flowers and delicious cream.

So, the above mentioned tips will surely help you in selecting a perfect wedding cake to have optimum satisfaction for you and your invited guests.