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People are happier when they have FUN in their lives. Same is the case with Wedding. Wedding celebration is supposed to be FUN for everyone involved. So, invite your guests by adding little fun into your Wedding wordings and Invitations. They’ll help in making your day a memorable one and will also strengthen your bonds with your relatives and friends. Here are some ideas for adding fun into your Wedding. These interesting ideas are definitely going to make you crazy.

                                          Display Cue Cards at your Reception

Wedding CUE Cards | A2zWeddingCards

It’s a giggle-worthy idea. Put some interesting messages on your Cue Cards. With this your guests are definitely going to laugh and the focus may not be entirely on you and your fiance.

                                       Ceremony Painting by your Artist

Wedding Event Painting | A2zWeddingCards

Live Wedding and event painter….it’s a great idea. The duo can keep this  art work with them after their marriage as a beautiful colorful memory.

                                           Send Cheeky Save-the-Dates

Cheeky Save the Date | A2zWeddingCards

It’s a fun idea and you can even customize them too. Go for hilarious jokes on your personalized Save-the-date Cards.

                                              Mad Lib RSVP’s for your guests

Mad Lib RSVP Cards | A2zWeddingCards

These Wedding Mad Libs RSVP Cards are a great fun and aesthetically pleasing. This wedding idea takes fun to a whole new level.

                                              Fun Wedding Invitations

Fun Wedding Invites | A2zWeddingCards

Create beautiful and fun-loving Wedding Cards with simple geometrical shapes and clear lines. This inspiring and creative wedding idea is unlike anything your guests have never seen before.

                                              Flower Girls! No age limit

Wedding Flower Girl | A2zWeddingCards

Why don’t you let your Grandma toss your flower petals. It’s a lovely way of including them and making them look unique on your Big Day.

                             Entertain your guests with Cootie Catchers

Cootie Catcher for Wedding | A2zWeddingCards

It’s an awesome idea for menus. They give a darling look to table setting decor.

                                  Display Word Search napkins at party

Word search Napkins | A2zWeddingCards

Entertain your guests with unique Wedding cocktail napkins. Feature word search puzzle in which guests have to search the names of bride and groom.

                          Make your old mailbox a perfect Wedding Card Box

Weddingg Cards Box | A2zWeddingCards

It’s a cute wedding idea! It will serve as a unique card box for your gift table. It’s a fantastic way to store all your Wedding Invitations on your Big Day.

                                           Prepare a Family Style Dinner

It will encourage more of guest conversation and interaction. It gives an intimate feel and is a budget-friendly tip too.

                                           Photo Stand-ins on your Big Day

Snap pictures of your Special Day with your guests for your Wedding album. Just attach the pre-cut stand and get ready for the party.

Incorporate these awesome and funny ideas while celebrating your Nuptial. Marriage is all about celebrating the love between you and your fiance. So, it has to be fun oriented as new life journey starts with this celebration. Also spend some time together to have some FUN together everyday.

Happy FUN Wedding!