The style and framework of wedding invitations converse a lot about the wedding. With just a look-see of your invite, one can estimate the winsomeness, ambiance and class that shall be seen on your wedding. Thereby, it becomes a necessity to plan the wedding invitation wittily.

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Here is a list of top 12 things to take care while planning your Wedding Invitations:-
1)    Count of guests – Unlike selection of elegant wedding dresses and tasting the luscious food, this definitely is a tedious task. Yet, very important as well because missing out anyone can create a big jeopardy. Above all, counting the heads gives a rough estimate of the budget. The further preparations can then take place accordingly.

2)    Correct Details – If the printed details aren’t up to the mark, one can find himself in hot water. Details of location, date, time, addresses and content ought to be flawless in the wedding invitation.

3)    Invitation style– Choice of the style of wedding invitations is a big-league issue to be dealt with. It’s always the call of family and the couple to decide whether the theme of their Indian wedding invitation will be modern, traditional, destination or vintage.

Wedding Invitation Correction and Invitation Style

4)    RSVP– RSVP can be a tool to minimize the extravagances found in weddings. It ensures that the caterers and vendors are provided the exact number of guests well before in time so as to make the perfect arrangements.

5)    Printing Duration– Make sure to ask the supplier about the time he will take to print your copies. Time plays a chief role in the process.

6)    Proof reading – Proof reading the details and the content assures that the things are on the right page and can now be given the final shape.

Wedding RSVP and Invitation Proof reading

7)    Color combination-“It’s a good thing that when God created the rainbow he didn’t consult a decorator or he would still be picking colors.”  Though tricky yet a very interesting part of the process is selection of colors for the invites. Make sure to scroll the internet and gaze some good magazines before freezing the color combination.

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8)    Orientation – Creativity is a synonym of risks. Don’t be scared of experimenting while you decide the orientation of your wedding cards; pick up whichever pleases you the most either landscape or portrait.

9)    Font and style – Beautiful formation and designs of the words attracts everyone’s eye. While bold fonts are known to gain attention, italic font adds an element of elegance in your wedding invitation. You can get more Ideas about Wedding invitation wordings for your wedding Invitation at

Wedding Invitations Colors and Font Styles

10)    Selection of paper – Quality and type of paper should be elected wisely. From the various choices of cotton, linen, velum, recycled paper and metallic, the best one fitting in your budget and choices should be opted.

11)    Printing Technique– A proper research is recommended while deciding the printing technique.  Engraving, full stamping, embossing, letter press and laser cut area few popular available options.

12)    Thank you cards – “All’s well that ends well” sending Thank you cards to your near and dear ones for their blessings and wishes can be a very generous and amiable idea to thank them for their benign presence. It can give a perfect finishing touch to all your wedding Invitation suite & preparations.

Wedding Invitation Printing And Thank You Cards

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