Okay, there goes your Wedding and here comes the reception.The guests will be attending all your events of wedding. Give them an entertaining event so your wedding memory stands till last. Also, you can send Thank You Invitations to your guests soon after your reception to show gratitude towards them. Give them a funny and engaging reception so that they love your reception party.

So i am going to tell you some exciting ideas and don’t worry you don’t have to spend much for that.

Boogie-Woogie performance

Give your guests an entertaining and rocking performance by your dance and give them a shock by giving hard moves and turns. Hire a DJ that knows your taste and can play to rock the party, play some songs that please your guest to pack the dance floor. That’s goanna be a major fun at your party.

Wedding Couple Dance

Game plan for shy Guests

For the folks who feel boring as they don’t dance. Add on the games activity to your reception, so that the people who cannot move their feet to dance can entertain themselves by playing games like board games, chess checkers and bunch of decks will do the rest. I will not forget the special kids who are in the party, so plan puzzle games or small toys for them.

Wedding games

Fuel up your Guests

Arrange everything in a right manner so that late night crowd feels fresh. Keep the catering staff busy by bringing snacks to the guests. Make them feel fresh again and again, some of the items you can serve are French fries, pickle bar etc. The party will last for long if you will try to stick on these small refreshments.

Wedding snacks

Surprise plan

The best part of the party is when you see your guest get surprised by some of your surprising entertainment. Follow the unusual things for the party entertainment that astonish the crowd by unexpected entertainment like a belly dance or salsa.

Wedding Surprise

Party favors

Call for the favors that go crazy to make your party entertainment live. Some of the ideas that I consider are noise makers and funky masks.

Wedding Party Favors

Add a Lounge To Your Reception

It’s like a change in the environment to keep the conversation going between the guests. The guests can be seated while the couple’s dance. That will not go above your allowances, you just have to borrow couches, chairs and other pieces of furniture and of course outline with the flowers to make that lounge look pretty.

Wedding Lounge

 Hope you like these wonderful ideas!

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Happy Reception Party.