Weddings in India are grand. Savings of entire life are kept aside to be spent in wedding, which is considered once-in-a-life-time expenditure and experience. The relations and memories thus formed are the forever ones.

Wedding cards are the first steps to any wedding, but with the change in time, came a change in lifestyle of people and wedding cards are now no more just wedding invitations. Invitations have now become a status symbol for many. The wedding invitation cards have gone from being mere invitations to being an in-sight in to the actual wedding; the more lavish the card, so will be the wedding. And then these days thank you cards also are much-expected post the wedding.

Wedding Cards

Here are the top trendy wedding invitations of 2015:

  1.  Box-themed cards
    These serve the purpose of both card and box. With a box-like look they not only accommodate sweets or chocolates or dry fruits but also add charm to entire wedding card
  2. Musical cards
    These wedding invitations are a delight to eyes as well as ears. On opening these cards melodious music plays which keeps changing on turning pages.
  3. Scroll wedding cards
    These Scroll cards have never gone out of fashion. Since the times of kings till date, these have always been in trend. With their unique style statement and roll-open look they look truly majestic and remind of the era of kings and queens. They come in different materials depending on the price preferred
  4. Satin cards
    These wedding cards are made of satin cloth which comes in vibrant colors and add distinctive look to invite.
  5. Grey, cream and baby pink cards
    Most of the Hindu wedding cards used to be orange, red or maroon due to religious significance but now with modernization these cards have gone ultra-modern and elegant with colors like grey, cream and baby pink. They say people don’t prefer the jazz colors now.
  6. Cards in different shapes
    Conventional cards are no more captivating and are replaced by cards of different shapes. Cards with a shape of kalash (pot), flower, doli (sedan chair) was a big hit last year and will surely be everyone’s favorite this year.
  7. Scriptures on cards
    Adding scriptures from holy books on wedding invitations will add to piousness of marriage.
  8. Match-stick box card
    Cards having the outer cover or envelope in the shape of a match-stick box and the main cards placed in the place of sticks was hugely liked last year and will be in trend this year.
  9. Cards with names embedded in silver
    Go classy with these wedding invitations which have the name of bride and groom engraved in silver.
  10. Hand-painted cards
    Coming under the category of inexpensive wedding invitations, they fulfill all what is needed to be different. Personal designs could also be added to enhance the look. When these designs are painted on khadi paper sheets, these become all the more charming and thus inexpensive wedding invitations as well.
  11. Vintage-textile patterns
    These cards reflecting the older times are back again and this time with bolder, dark bright hues.
  12. 3D texture
    Inexpensive wedding invitations are too passé, and what is latest are the cards with designs whose touch can be felt.
  13. Theme-wedding cards
    With the weddings going theme-based, the cards are no exception. Nowadays the color, look and writing style in cards are all in accordance with the theme of the wedding.
  14. No more Radha-Krishna
    The card with the picture of the couple posing together is the new trend setter.
  15. Simple conventional cards
    Those who want to go the conventional way, these cards in different cheap designs are best to go for.
    Wedding Invitations
  16. Environment-friendly cards
    Couples are opting for material which can be reused and also serve the purpose to the fullest.
  17. Designer cards
    Not only the wedding dresses but even the wedding cards have gone designer.
  18. Cards with collage
    Cards in the form of album displaying a collage of the couple attracted many eye balls last year and will be in trend this year too.
    wedding cards
  19. Stone studded cards
    These cards are little expensive but are exquisite than the rest.
  20. Digital cards
    Nothing much is required, digital wedding invitation cards can be easily designed at home!