A blissful marriage begins when you marry the one you love, and it blossoms when you love the one you marry. Love! A marvelous feeling that binds two hearts in a marriage. Ever inquisitive about what a Traditional Gujarati Wedding mean? It is planned very elegantly but traditions may differ according to family and religion. Weddings here are considered as divine affairs. The exclusive mishmash of traditions and candor is something which makes Gujarati Wedding delightful. Some of the rituals which are followed in Gujarati Wedding include:

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1) Pre Wedding rituals which initiates with Mangal Mahurat Ceremony. It is performed by both Bride and Groom after their horoscopes are matched. The other ritual known as ‘Jaan’ , performed by the priest to ward off any evil. This situation seems interesting as groom visits bride’s place and touches her mother’s feet and as she tries to clutch his nose he tries to escape.

2) Other ritual called as Mandap Mahurat is performed at house of both bride and groom, where the Wedding date is fixed.

3) Griha Shanti, is performed by family of bride as well as groom. It is performed to bring peace among the stars of couple so that they can live a happy married life.

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4) On the Wedding Day, the first ritual which takes place is Jaimala where couples exchange their garlands. After this, groom’s feet are washed and he is given milk and honey to drink. During this time, bride’s sisters try to steal groom’s shoes.

5) The most important custom on the Wedding Day is Kanyadaan, in which Bride’s father washes groom’s feet and give him the hands of his daughter. The joined hands of the couple signify their unison.

These are some of the customs that make a Gujarati Wedding lucid. The entire phase i.e. from pre-wedding uptil post-wedding makes the Wedding enjoyable and frames a glimpse of peculiar traditions in the minds of the guests.

Wedding Invitations also play a great role in providing a glance of your marriage to your guests. They act as a centerpiece and reflects tone of the marriage. It maintains a consistency thread of marriage. Invitations are of different types depending on their purpose. If sent timely they can make you know details about guests and other important accessories required for your Wedding.

Gujarati Wedding Invitations-A2zWeddingCardsYou can start this by purchasing Wedding RSVP Cards along with Traditional Gujarati Wedding Invitations. Send RSVP Cards to your guests a month before your Big Day and tell them to respond till a specific date about their arrival on the day of the event. It helps in making final plans for the event. If they forget to reply make a call to each of them. With RSVP Invitations you can collect information regarding meal choices, accommodation etc. It will make you reveal about final head count. In case of people having families you’ll come to know whether they are bringing their children with them or not. With RSVP Cards you can get to know about meal choices of the guests, which is the most prominent factor in a Nuptial.

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RSVP is a standard in Wedding Invites and can make your Wedding distinct from others. It can be included in all auspicious and ritualistic ceremonies. After Marriage is over, send Thank You Wedding Cards to your guests for appreciating your Special Day accompanied by a Wedding Favor.

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Make your Big Day a memorable one and worth enjoying.

Happy Wedding!