Many couples are choosing travel themed wedding this year to celebrate their special event with loads of fun and excitement. So if you have already decided to fly abroad for your marriage and confidently have a clear idea about the country where you are going to celebrate your big day, then our ideas on travel inspired destination wedding invitations will surely help you in this regard. Have a look at the below mentioned different options available for travel themed wedding invitation cards:-

Travel Themed Wedding Invitation Cards

Maps based travel themed wedding invites– You can include maps in your wedding card to showcase your creativity and artistic aptitude. It is possible to design a map showing the place you met first, incorporate many different aspects of your travel and give clues about the places you have seen together. At the same time, you have to give attention towards the color of map because the places must be visible easily along with the wedding venue location.

Topographic Map travel themed wedding card- A colored or blind impression can be easily embossed for the card to build a textured map effect. At the same time, you can also attach a landscape showcasing the place of your wedding because it will reveal your relationship to it.  You have to show the destination, as the main theme in your card to add more relevance to it.

Passage Tickets based travel invites- Think about your location and venue to incorporate these details into your travel themed wedding invitation cards that is unique for your destination wedding. The invitations based on the old passage tickets will give clues about wedding venue. The font used has to be the similar to the design, as it will act in giving fantastic detail.

Location images based travel wedding cards- Local landmarks or famous points will give excitement to your guests. But you have to think what actually has to be portrayed. The card must be made on generic template because you can easily personalize it for you. In case, you are ordering these cards online, then you can also ask the wedding card designer to help you out in this regard.

Map Travel Themed Wedding Invitation Cards

Travel Symbols based wedding invites- You can find numerous travel symbols, which can be used for designing your travel themed wedding invitation cards. In case of an airmail theme, you can use latitude, longitude and compass points. There are various modes of transportation like cars, hot air balloons, bicycles, trains, ships, planes and much more. You can easily find various symbols related to these transportation modes based on the theme used by you and your fiancé. Make sure to use them wisely in order to showcase the whole idea behind your special day. In case, you have more information about travel themed wedding invites or used them in celebrating the most auspicious occasion of your life, then do share your valuable comments and ideas with us.