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Valentine’s Day is approaching, let’s have a look at what’s new in this Year. Before planning, think about that day and what it means to you. Your Love & togetherness will make this week cherishable!! Nothing is more romantic than tying the knot on Valentine day. Celebrate this day with a heart filled with love as Cupid connects two people in love with one of the most romantic days of the year, we decided to inspire our readers with a simple Wedding inspiration Idea.

A Dreamy Wedding Dress for Valentine’s Day

Valentine Theme Wedding Dresses - A2zWeddingCards

Valentine’s day is dedicated to love, so the designer wedding dress is an essential key for Valentine’s wedding. As red is the color of love, but for a modern twist, what about pink color? Girls mostly like to wear girly pink color dresses. It’s the perfect color for a Funky February wedding and also gives a touch of the Valentines’ Theme Wedding. For a sweetly romantic look, we can choose accents of mint green, gold or shades of red which suites with fabulous pink color. The groom should wear classic pink or red color shirt to match the Valentine’s wedding colors.

Valentine Wedding Invitations

Valentines theme Wedding - DressesValentine theme Wedding Invitations - A2zWeddingCards

This is an extensive part of your marriage, and an easy way to depict the theme of the wedding. There are several ways where Stationeries is used in a wedding. Love-birds, blushing bride, roses or similar Valentine’s Day symbols in wedding invitation designs that will really set your guest’s mind for your event. This will be a perfectly gorgeous design for Wedding  Invitations or Thank you  cards, too. Add a luxury wrap with beautiful ribbons of silky red to your invitations and send them off with love stamps for an amazing  feel of your Valentines’ Theme Wedding.

Valentine’s Wedding Decorations

Valentines Theme Wedding Decorations - A2zWeddingCards

Rose petals and Heart-shaped decorations helps to create that romance to celebrate Valentine’s Wedding.  When you walk down the aisle, you should step over a trail of flower petals instead of a rug. You could even sprinkle the flower petals over the reception tables. In addition to flowers, another favourite Valentine wedding decorations include candles, ribbons, and laces. Lace runners can add delicacy to buffet tables, and heart shaped balloons can be a whimsical and fun touch for an entrance arch.

Beautiful  Blossoms and Cakes

Valentines Theme Wedding Cakes and blossoms - A2zWeddingCards

Red Roses are romantic and called as symbol of love. For your valentine theme wedding, make your ceremony special and inspirational with bouquets of roses. Make your ceremony special and inspirational with bouquets of roses. To give a perfect touch to your theme wedding the Wedding cake should be wealthy and splendid.  Instead of  having a traditional wedding cake, buy one with the shape of heart decorated with roses. Although If  you’d rather stick to traditional one, at least, take the cake’s icing be red and pink.