sikh wedding cards, Punjabi wedding invitations

In Sikh culture, wedding is known as Anand Karaj, which means blissful union. It is a family oriented event which symbolizes happiness, harmony and purity. Sikh wedding is considered as a sacred ceremony which is full of traditions and festive colors. The traditions are followed in accordance with their holy book Adi Granth. These traditions in Sikh marriage denote the Punjabi culture and responsibility towards the family.

Have a look on some of the traditions followed in Sikh wedding.

Takha (Roka Ceremony)-This is a pre wedding ceremony in which the bride and groom commit for marriage in front of their family members. Mangni (Engagement ceremony)-This is a pre wedding ritual in which the bride and groom exchange rings, jewelry and gifts along with their elders and friends. Sangeet (Sikh Wedding Music)-This is a pre wedding ceremony with traditional Sikh songs and food. It is hosted by bride’s family, and few members of groom’s family are invited to the event.

Mehandi -This is a pre wedding ceremony in which the family members of the bride put Mehandi (henna designs) on her hands and feet. Haldi (Turmeric ceremony)-In this ritual, the bride is made to sit near four diyas or lamps and turmeric powder mixed with mustard oil is applied all over the bride’s body to make her more beautiful for marriage.

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Sehra Bandi (Turban)-In this ceremony, the family members of the groom tie turban to groom’s head and it is a sentimental moment for the groom’s family as he is about to enter a new life with responsibility. Kalgi and Soorma-In this ceremony the father of the groom add kalgi (peacock feather) to the turban of the groom and the sister-in-law adds soorma to his eyes. Baraat-In this ritual, the groom with his family members arrives at the wedding venue, and they are welcomed with traditional Sikh music and dance. Milni-After the arrival of the groom and his family members to the venue, the bride’s parents welcome them in a traditional manner with garlands.

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Anand Karaj-This is the ceremony which starts with kirtan (traditional singing of hymns) and the priest leading the ritual explain the Sikh philosophy of marriage to the groom. Laavan (four prayers)-In this ceremony, the bride and groom move clockwise around the holy book Guru Granth Sahib and the family members shower flowers on them as a symbol of blessing. Shaggun-In this ritual, the family members bless the newlywed couple with money, and gifts for their bright future. Vidaai-In Vidaai, the bride sits in a traditional doli which is lifted by four people, and it is a very emotional moment for the bride’s parents as their daughter is leaving their home for a new start of her life.

Last but not the least, to celebrate all the above mentioned ceremonies, wedding invitation cards are the most important element the guests are welcomed to the function through these cards.