Heehe… So you have started feeling those butterflies in your stomach! Great! That signifies how important the wedding is to you and your love. You have been dating each other since years (months?) and by this time you definitely might have had some memorable romantic moments together. When you guys are so romantic how can your Big Day be left undone? Here are a few ways to celebrate an unforgettable romantic wedding:


Still Confused about the Location?

Yes, you have to order your romantic wedding card, manage the whole event and deciding a venue is the prime requirement. And at times finalizing a perfect venue can be a tough job.  You can say “I do” where you first proposed or first dated! Another option can be a tranquilized garden or a castle to fabricate a fairy tale’s look to your dream Wedding. The tranquilized set up of an old church too can bring wings to your peaceful and romantic wedding.

Love doesn’t mean simply Red!

There are other beautiful colors too which can add a mind blowing effect to your Big Day. Light shades of blue, white and silver will simplify your job of creating an ambiance which vomits out love.

Light up Candles, Light up Smiles, Light up Love

Candles have been a part of everyone’s “Ideas of a perfect date”! A night under the stars and with the dim lights candles is just astounding to glamorize the mighty night. How about candles placed inside Japanese lanterns?? Amazing they look!


For those beautiful eyes that deserves contentment.…

Surrounding creates magic! Use your surrounding in the best possible way to make your special one feel more special. Deck up the venue with roses and you can display the pre wedding photographs as well to dilute the ambiance.

Roses can’t be skipped!

You are planning a romantic wedding, obviously roses will jump in! Hang arrays of red roses from the ceiling to spread the sweet and whimsical fragrances of your love everywhere.

“When words fail music speaks”

Yes, it’s obvious your friends are dying to hit the floor but before they come to run the show, hit your score by making slow and romantic dance moves with your soul mate. You can hire a flutist to play soft music before the DJ pump up its beats.


Book your Corner Seats

Well, it’s up to you if you want to dine with everyone go for a big round dining table but if you want your own space, book your Bride and Groom’s chair in corner to celebrate the first after wedding dinner together.

The vow

Now here lies the biggest scope of showering all that you feel for each other. No matter how many times you have done it before but the wedding day vows has its own significance. Do not miss this opportunity please!

Sharing is Caring!

Yeah, a lot of things are waiting for you but in rush of finishing things, don’t miss the small details. Take a single plate for the piece of cake and share it, a few minutes well spent can bring oodles of joys in heart.

For a perfect C off

Launch sky lanterns or add fireworks to wish for radiant years ahead. And then hold each other’s hand and feel the aura!

 May you have a splendid wedding and years of togetherness! Happy Wedding!