Whether you’re in the mood of serving daytime sippers, spiked cereal milk, beer or tiki drinks for your wedding, you have to set up a wedding cocktail bar at your wedding venue for sure. A souped-up version of happy hours could be achieved for your wedding guests if you use innovative new trends to get your cocktail bar done. You really need not to splurge more if you follow our wedding cocktail bar guide you won’t be disappointed at all. Check out our wedding cocktail bar guide for every type of wedding.

The Bartender

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Agreed that professional bartenders are fun but, it is not a necessity for you to have one. You can ask out your friend or relative having bit of bar skills and knowledge of drinks to look out the task for you. Just be a little bit careful in order to choose a sensible person for the task who doesn’t let your guests to over indulge.

Signature cocktail

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Let your signature cocktail reflect your personality. Yes, you can do that by having a cocktail that matches your wedding color scheme or the one that honour your cultural favors. Also, give them creative names to the drinks to match your personality.

Openers and keys

Everything is all set. From chilled beers to best wines are all ready to be served. Now open the bottle. Okay, so you finally realized that you have all things piled up except for bottle openers and wine keys. Don’t forget to add these to your wedding cocktail bar to avoid any later fuss.

Ice containers

In order to serve up delicious drinks, you definitely need lots and lots of ice. Match the ice containers with your trending wedding color scheme as they have the charm to add a little bit of glamour in your wedding. Pretty buckets can gel up well with the wedding décor, just ask your bartenders to keep the buckets filled up all the time.

Let the music play

To enhance the aura of romance and feel at your cocktail bar, you can add a little bit of music here. Don’t play loud music as it is not a dance party; find a nice band to play soft music at the place and it will surely enlighten everyone’s mood.

Keep all the shakers and stirrers handy

Wedding Cocktail-Bar-Guide-Shakers-A2zWeddingCards
To serve any cocktail in the best possible manner, you definitely need shakers and stirrers at your bar. Cocktail creations need this to offer the best blend in the best possible manner. Your guests would come up with their own personal cocktail requests if they come to know the perfection you are offering.

Garnish delicacies

Along with the cocktail bar, you can add up the glam with a garnish bar. Yes, you read that right. Keep a good range of juices and mixers along with orange peels, basils, lemon wedges, olives and other things to make everything interesting for your wedding guests.

Have a yummy bite

Whenever you have a drink, you definitely need to grab a bite. In your wedding, you can keep more than one appetizer your bar. This would allow your wedding guests to choose their own yummy bite along with their favorite drink.