“Wedding” is not about just a single day it’s about a whole life. Wedding is the first step into a new life & so it has its own importance .The bride and Groom are so over occupied in the preparations that they often miss out small festivities .The preparations for the marriage starts days & months before and picking that perfect wedding Color is one of the most difficult & challenging choices in the arrangements throughout. Colors play a very vital role in a wedding. They encourage emotions and feelings.  For a getting married couple, its very special to pick their wedding things such as wedding invitations, décor, flowers, cake, attires, accessories , gifts & more in a color of their own choice & its even more best if that wedding color is very much popular in that season!

Wedding Color Trends

The Wedding colors give an outline of the big day by incorporating various color schemes into the event. They give a beautiful and eye catching appeal & appearance to your wedding party & functions. Although I don’t stand out for this knowledge much but there are certainly some of the ideas that I am going to share here & that may assist & inspire you in your preparations. Having a color combo is an interesting thing which will show your creativity in your Big Day decoration. So, choose some eye-catching colors as your wedding theme and give a “Wow” to your wedding decor by picking up the trendy colors as the colors reflect tradition and style of a wedding.

Now here are some combinations for Wedding Color trends which you can incorporate in your Wedding Elements to make it lavish & memorable:

 Marsala Pantone

Already famous a lot, the Marasala wedding color needs no Introduction ! The shade has already been awarded as the Pantone color of the Year 2015 and is indeed one of the richest & luxurious wedding colors. You never need to give a second thought when it comes to picking Marsala color for your wedding. If you want to follow the wedding trends ! If you want to be a Star & your wedding a hit amongst your family & friends then combine this color with a complementary light color shades and give your wedding a perfect look.

Marsala Wedding Theme-A2zweddingcards

 Navy Blue , Off White & Blush

Navy blue and off white is a cool color palette and is the most popular color in the weddings these days. This color palette is considered as the most stylish wedding shades of the season. Its so vibrant & full of festive feel that often the decorations seem incomplete without this color in the marriage. This color scheme can be utilized in table settings, floral decoration,Wedding Thank You Cards to add a hint of this color theme in main elements & carry forward its feel till the end of your wedding event.

Navy Blue blush- A2zWeddingCards

 Black with shade of gold & burgundy

Back with shades of gold & burgundy is the most picked up color for the wedding showers. This color combination can be addressed in many ways such as the black outfits of grooms. Besides, all the ladies can add a gold touch to their outfits via jewelry, shoes, etc.

Black and gold with burgundy wedding theme - A2zweddingcards

 Dark Purple & Tiffany blue

Dark purple is the most luxury color that signifies royalty. The venue decoration can be done with purple color or by mixing shades of purples. The dinning arranged with purple color gives a beautiful look.  The color is flexible in all aspects.

Purple and blue wedding color-A2zWeddingCards

Scuba Blue, Coral & White

Scuba blue, coral and white is a color combo that gives a different view to the wedding. It seems like a refreshing color and soothes the eyes. It also gives an outstanding look to the venue view & table settings.  Addition of this color will give an eye-catching appeal to your nuptial ceremony.

Scuba Blue WeddingTheme-A2zWeddingCards

Titanium & cream &blush

Titanium, cream and blush is the hottest color palette which the bride would love to have in her jewelry or the wedding accessories. You can also incorporate this color palette in your wedding bouquets, décor flowers and centerpieces to give a fantastic look to your wedding.

Titanium and Cream Color Wedding Theme- A2zWeddingCards

Kelly Green, Lime Green & Cream

Kelly green and cream is also one of the most popular color palette this wedding season 2015. It’s the first choice of many couples who are having an eco-friendly wedding. keeping this color palette in your wedding theme will give a natural look to your wedding.

Kelly Green Blush Color Wedding Theme-A2zWeddingCards

Gray, yellow & light purple

Gray and yellow is the attic color for the wedding theme. You can also use some more trendy colors with this exclusive gray- yellow color combination. It gives a stylish look to your wedding with just its simple gray and yellow color tones in the things @ wedding like tie clip ,shoe lace, bouquet.

Yellow and Grey Wedding Theme-A2zWeddingCards

 Shades of Pink Color

Pink is the most romantic color and it is mostly loved by girls. This is considered as the evergreen color which is flexible & all-time hit in all wedding season. The wedding bouquet having shades of pink color flowers gives a romantic feel to the marriage. Even, a light pink colored wedding gown adds a wow factor to the bridal attire and gives a gorgeous look to her so much that All eyes get on to the bride when she arrives in this color outfit .

Pink Color Wedding Theme-A2zWeddingCards

 Red & white color

 Red is the most attractive color when it comes  to floral decoration and bridesmaids dresses. When mixing it with white, it becomes the most elegant & appealing color palette. It symbolizes love & passion & is a must shade in wedding ceremonies from Centuries in many cultures around the world such as a Traditional Indian Wedding. So, let’s not forget this “Love” color. It’s a must & you can definitely pick this color to add a romantic feel to your wedding ceremonies.

Red and White Color Wedding Theme-A2zWeddingCards

Hope that these ideas will brighten up your wedding with their vibrance & positivity!

Happy Wedding Color Picking!

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