All of us realize that marriage is about two individuals accepting one another wholeheartedly and promising to remain with one another in happiness and sorrow. It is about respecting the relationship and giving a chance to live happily for all the years to come. Hence, you will find popular and different types of Indian weddings and the facts connected with them.

  • Arranged Marriage:-

These are exceptionally prominent in Indian society. It will not be wrong to say that larger part of the Indian weddings are arranged. In this regard, match (bride or groom) is searched by the relatives of the girl and boy. When they get a great proposal then horoscopes are matched and if their horoscopes are good then a meeting is fixed in between girl and boy. This provides them a chance to know one another. This might also lead for the fixation of the wedding date.

• For arranged marriages, people prefer a traditional wedding invitation card.
• In some cases, marriage takes place without the girl & boy seeing each other. The astonishing thing is that irrespective of this reason the arranged weddings are flourishing.

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  • Love Marriage:-

Love marriage is about two individuals experiencing passionate feelings for and choosing to get into wedlock to live their life together. This pattern is more prevalent in west however now is rapidly making up for lost time with the Indians. It breaks the hindrance of society, religion, traditions and conventions. There is a great similarity between the couples as they know one another extremely well. The current era has liberal out perspective with respect to it so the amount of affection relational unions are always on ascent.

• A heart themed wedding invitation card is perfect for a love marriage.

  • Love cum Arranged Marriage:-

In these sort of weddings the couples are enamored yet in terms of wedding they might want to continue further with the consent of their parents. The families support the connection and the marriage is fixed. The sentiment content is on its top as the couples know both the families are in their favor and it will lead to a beautiful matrimonial ceremony. The families of the groom and bride are joyful that the wedding is occurring after their acknowledgement and the couples are blissful as they are in love . The Love cum Arranged Marriages indicate the liberal perspective of the society towards marriage.

• A designer wedding invitation card perfectly blend with traditions & modern look is ideal for this type of wedding.
• You can also choose scroll wedding invite for such kind of marriages.