India is such a multifarious country in terms of cultures, religions, and regional specialties, the weddings here are equally uniquely and often specific to the part of the country you come from Gujarati weddings originating from the state of Gujarat, have one of the biggest traditions and customs. Gujarati Weddings does not depend on place, whether it’s United States or India, they are always colorful, vibrant and rich. Despite being away from India and staying in the United States, Gujarati people never forget their country’s culture and tradition. The celebration starts a few days before with many pre wedding customs and then wedding time and post wedding customs and rituals. Engagement, Mandap Mahurat, Griha Shanti, Pithi, Mehendi, Garba/Dandiya and Jaan are the pre-wedding customs. The Wedding ceremony rituals include Jaimala, Madhuparka, Antarpaat, Kanya Daan, Hasta Milap, Varmala, Satpadi or Pheras, Saubhagyavati Bhav and Chero Pakaryo. The post wedding customs include Vidaai, Ghaar nu Laxmi and Aeki Beki.

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