The-Most-Sizzling-Wedding-Trends-for-2016! - A2zWeddingCardsGone are the days when marriages used to be simple without any show-off. In this modern era, every couple wants to have a wedding that showcases their original personality along with great fun for all the wedding guests.  In 2016, the wedding trends will take a different turn altogether. If you are also planning to get married in 2016, you should look at latest wedding trends for 2016.

Pantone Inspired Spring Wedding 2016 - A2zWeddingCardsThe weddings of 2016 will incorporate light hues. Even the Pantone has given two light shades-Serenity blue and Rose quartz for this year. All the wedding trends this year will have lighter shades.

Non-Uniform bridesmaids - A2zWeddingCardsThe bridesmaid dresses need not be uniform anymore. In 2016, all the brides can try their own style and colours. This variation in colours, patterns and styles can create a whole new magic in the wedding.

Bridal-Dresses - A2zWeddingCardsThe bride can also try something new in their dresses. The Unique Wedding Trends 2016 suggest wearing off shoulder wedding dresses in blush colour with flowers in hair. Along with this, the brides can carry a succulent bouquet to express their style.

Wedding cakes were once a very important part of any modern wedding but, the Modern Wedding Trends 2016 suggest that don’t use the wedding cake any long. For the desserts, you can try using other sweets and treats.

Wedding Drinks - A2zWeddingCardsHaving dinner as wedding reception is simply outdated, you could arrange brunch instead. Having cocktails, mock-tails and waffle bars along with various other delicacies will take your wedding celebration to a completely next level.

Woodland Theme Wedding - A2zWeddingCardsFor wedding theme, you can use the woodland theme. Arranging dense greenery, woodland themed floral, decors and feel will create an extra charm in your wedding.

Adventure and destination weddings - A2zWeddingCardsAdventure and destination weddings are completely in trend. The destination wedding of 2016 will shift to locations like camps and outdoors. This would give a fun factor to your wedding guests and it will prove to be the best Wedding Planning idea for 2016.

Sustainable-Wedding-Caterings - A2zWeddingCardsThe food makes a whole lot of difference and the latest Wedding Trends 2016 suggest offering sustainable catering full of locally sourced and organic food.

Mixed Flowers - A2zWeddingCardsFor the floral arrangements in 2016, the Unique Wedding Trends 2016 suggest mixing colours, style and simplicity in flowers to present a unique combination in your wedding flowers.

Wedding Games - A2zWeddingCardsOrganizing quizzes, sports, and fun in the wedding will be very trendy in 2016. This will make sure that everyone in your wedding enjoys every moment of your ‘big day’.

These are some of the unique and exciting Modern Wedding Trends 2016 to make your big day extra special. However, you can create your own ideas to make it a memorable day for everyone.