Roaring log fires, Christmas trees and a blanket of snow on your way to the altar. Who wouldn’t want a winter wedding? There’s nothing more romantic than arranging your big day in blanket of snow, so consider planning a winter wedding and make it memorable. Here are our favorite winter wedding ideas to turn your nuptials into the perfect wonderland setting. The cold never bothered you anyway.

Winter Wedding - A2zWeddingCards

Winter Color Palettes 
Choosing your colors is a big part of the wedding planning process. Once you have your wedding colors, all the other stylistic decisions are easy. Traditional yet trendy, blue is a color that always pairs nicely with others. Midnight blue, royal blue, navy blue and cobalt blue when combined with white and silver or gold will provide you a chic and cool winter wedding.

Snow Wedding - A2zWeddingCards

Wedding Invitations
Snow and ice themes are among the most popular themes for winter wedding invitations. You can find countless variations on this invitation theme. Use combinations of winter white, ivory, silver and ice blue. Moreover, substituting a dark navy font for the traditional black will also bring out your winter theme.

Wedding Dress
Now what about your winter wedding dress? This is a serious dilemma. You don’t have to sacrifice your style for warmth or vice versa! Whether the shade is a bold departure from white gowns (we love an icy-blue gowns) or a more subtle, understated hue (like blush pink). A colorful gown will add drama to your wedding day look. For this, you can opt some crystal clear accessories like diamond studs or a simple solitaire necklace that will give your wedding dress an elegant look. Now, What will the Groom wear? A warm sweater with a classic cable knit and Scarves will go perfectly with the different ties and suits.

Winter Wedding Ideas - A2zWeddingCards

A Wedding cake symbolizes the signing up of love and trust between the two people. So, a gold plated wedding cake will certainly spice up a wintertime wedding. A cake with the colorful squares will infuse a wedding with touches of metallic and black. You can also go for a White wedding cake with snowflakes and Red Berries, which will embrace the cheerful side of the winter season.
Moreover, an effective textured white icing is also a perfect idea for your winter wedding! Give it a little extra gorgeousness and add some colour with just a dash of decor or a cute topper as Bess & Austin did with their gold dipped deers…..

For table setting the classic combo is white and silver. Add some glass and crystal with the white flowers and your table will look amazingly winter-like and stylish. You can also go for White lace, pine cones and fir branches which will give a romantic icy touch to the table, make you think of forest and Christmas. Candles are always to the point, they bring coziness, comfort and a feeling of warmth. You can not only use them in décor but also create a centerpiece of them.

So, to have a magical, romantic and a budget friendly winter wedding, go with these fabulous winter theme ideas and enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

Happy Winter Wedding!!