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Nowadays, the bride and groom look for ways to plan their marriage differently from their families and friends. These couples want to create unique memories for their family members and friends who are going to attend their marriage ceremony. One of the ways couples can distinguish their marriage from others by selecting an eco-friendly affair. Going for a green wedding is a wonderful way to keep the environment in mind.

The following are a few ways to plan and host a green wedding in a perfect manner.

  • Eco-friendly invitations– One of the easiest ways to go green at your wedding is selecting a wedding invitation made up of eco-friendly paper. These eco-friendly invitations are made up of consumer-waste paper or tree-free paper. The couple can also choose digital invitations sent via the internet for announcing their special day. All these options not only reduce the wedding’s carbon footprint without sacrificing on the quality of your big day.

    Another way to create more eco-friendly invitations is by using online Website wherein you can create your own wedding page and it includes information regarding the ceremony, hotels and other information that would otherwise be disseminated with the paper invitations. Having all of this information available on your personal wedding Website reduces your paper consumption and makes it easier for guests to find all the pertinent information regarding your big day.
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  • Floral decoration of the reception area– It is a known fact that flowers add noteworthy aesthetic appeal to a marriage, and couples can make them even more appealing by selecting local flowers that are available in that particular season. By using local or seasonal flowers you can easily avoid the transportation of flowers from other parts of the world which not only cuts down on a floral arrangement’s carbon footprint but also saves your hard earned money. Also, when you are shopping for a florist, look for one who specializes in organic flowers, which are never sprayed with potentially harmful fungicides or pesticides.
  • Selecting reusable jewelry– The journey of a bride and groom to their wedding day typically starts with the marriage proposal and it includes an engagement ring. Well. You can make this event eco-friendly by purchasing vintage or antique items, which are obviously sustainable and reusable. The bride and groom can also use their family heirlooms, both for the wedding ring and the engagement ring.

So, by using the above mentioned tips you can make your marriage green or eco-friendly, which will be cherished for eternity.