Christmas bonus is here! grab 40% off on wedding invites!

When we think of December, we think of Christmas. Rings a bell? And, when we think of Christmas, we think of the New Year. Streets are lit up with bright red, white and green lights and the entire town sings the tunes of happy holidays. Joyful festivities fill the December air, people are happy and there are smiles all around, sweet aroma whiffs through the air and bombards our nostrils.

Christmas bonus is here! grab 40% off on wedding invites!

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Wedding Invitation Deals!

What is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is a federal festival observed in the US, Canada and some other countries. It falls on the fourth Thursday of November in the US and is celebrated annually to mark the blessings of a crop, including the crop. Thus, the name ‘thanksgiving’, which zeroes down to expressing gratitude for things that we often take for granted. In Canada, it is celebrated on the 2nd Monday of October, while in Liberia and Norfolk Island, it is marked on the 1st Thursday of November and the last Wednesday of November respectively. Schools are shut down, everyone stays at home enjoying the holidays.

How do people celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

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These Celebrity Couples Might Inspire Your Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here and you must be wondering what you should wear for the day? Well, worry not we are here with the list Halloween costumes which are worn by celebrity couples. What’s better than enjoying the spookiest day of the year by inspiring from your favorite Hollywood celebrity power couples. Choosing the best couples Halloween costumes is a tricky task.

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Amazing Ideas to fulfill Organic Natural Wedding perfectly

The world is completely inclined towards organic and natural things these days and with this comes the wedding ideas inspired by nature. These ideas impart a unique charm, softness, romance and simplicity making the organic wedding a treat to watch. You can also attain the charm and romance of these gorgeous wedding ideas by blending the neutral and white shades with gorgeous hues of green. Have a look at some of the most alluring and trending wedding ideas.

A succulent white layered cakes with greenly and leafy cake toppers are the best nature inspired wedding ideas.

White layered cakes with greenly and leafy cake toppers - A2zWeddingCards

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Plan Everything For Your Wedding In Less Than A Month

Plan everything for your wedding in less than a month

How do you want to plan your wedding in less than three months? It’s simpler than you think. The overwhelming thing is to emphasise on the essential. Siding all the less important and extra things, focus on the big planning tasks at hand. Whether you are newly engaged or impatient to say ‘I do”, long-engaged or somewhere in between, it’s absolutely possible to plan your wedding in less than three months. The simple steps go with the basic. Start with fixing the date, setting the budget and nailing the location. To go elaborated, read below

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10 questions you should ask the dealer before buying wedding invitations?


You have finalized the wedding card’s theme and have contacted the supplier know if you think you are done, let us warn you, you are about to make a big mistake. Wedding stationery might seem a cakewalk but it is not as easy as it appears to be. With an enormous possibility of designs and colors, wedding stationeries can literally make you go mad! Hold on your nerves, here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts while ordering your wedding stationery online.

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