Adorable Flower Inspired Ideas to Decorate the Wedding Cake

Wedding flower decoration on a wedding cake

One of the prettiest and coolest parts of any wedding is the flowers, the word floral inspires us so much and the thought of walking down the floral aisle or to see beautiful floral centerpieces adorn the table blows our mind away. One can try so much with flowers like floral wedding invitations, floral dresses, floral venue decoration etc. At most weddings, floral installations and floral props of all shapes and sizes are used to make a great impact. It makes the place so lively. One of the favorite decor elements is cakes oozing with floral arrangements. So here are the few floral theme based wedding cake design ideas:

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Amazing Wedding Trends of Gorgeous Marble Wedding

Amazing 2018 Wedding Trends Of Gorgeous Marble Ideas

The wedding designs and trendy wedding ideas have become popular, especially when we talk about the gorgeous marble decor. It has become the epitome of all modern and tasteful things. The trend that stayed now and in ancient times is none other than the marble wedding decor. This popular metamorphic stone is used to incorporate the marble wedding details on a special day. It is also an Eco-friendly way to turn up your day beautiful. Wedding ideas that focus on a marble theme allow you to reflect the theme on seating arrangements, wedding stationery, desserts, and even on dressings. Wedding planning is one which involves a good decor, color combination, good invite notes and many other decorative things. Marble theme for wedding gives you n number of variations for colors and styles with a sophisticated natural look. Wedding theme ideas depend entirely on one’s taste. A wedding is a special day, and everyone would have thought about how his/her wedding would get planned. Marble theme is the most elegant as it completely rocks with its stunning natural finish and effects.

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5 Biggest Things To Consider Before Your Makeup Trial

5 Mistakes Not to Make Before Your Makeup Trial

Wedding planning starts months before the big event. We plan each and everything like deciding the venue, fixing the menu, selecting the decor and caterer. We spend hours giving the trials to choose the best for the most awaited day. A wedding is the most important event for a bride, so it’s very necessary for her to know about the bridal fashion and bridal makeup to get a perfect bridal beauty. Deciding and finalizing makeup artist before the wedding is as important as deciding the caterers and decor.

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Plan Everything For Your Wedding In Less Than A Month

Plan everything for your wedding in less than a month

How do you want to plan your wedding in less than three months? It’s simpler than you think. The overwhelming thing is to emphasis on the essential. Siding all the less important and extra things, focus on the big planning tasks at hand. Whether you are newly engaged or impatient to say ‘I do”, long-engaged or somewhere in between, it’s absolutely possible to plan your wedding in less than three months. The simple steps go with the basic. Start with fixing the date, setting the budget and nailing the location. To go elaborated, read below

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Things You Don’t Know About Kit Harington And Rose Leslie’s Wedding

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's Wedding 2


Love is always in the air, whether it’s the month of February or December or maybe June. Just like our Game of Thrones wedding couple, Kit Harington, and Rose Leslie, who recently got married on 23rd June 2018 on the sunny Saturday in Scotland. Accompanied by the fellow game of Thrones cast at the venue, the adorable couple was looking absolutely mesmerizing in the wedding attire.

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Tips To Look Amazing In Your Wedding Photographs!

Tips to look amazing in your wedding photographs!

Weddings are the biggest ceremony in every corner of this world. And accept it or not, memories of a wedding do fade away but not the photographs. So looking best in your wedding album will always be a vital task. Every bride wishes to look like a queen in her wedding, but unfortunately, the situation’s demand ruins it all due to the busyness and rush of the hour. Exhaustion makes it all difficult for the bride. But worry not, there are solutions for everything. And luckily there are some handy tips to look your best in your wedding photos and save the day like a pro:

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