American Wedding Traditions

American wedding traditions have come to be known around the world as a lavish and extravagant display of love. American weddings are unique, fun, and full of love. Like every other culture, American weddings also have some cultural traditions that keep the vibes of American vibes up.
Wedding traditions vary from country to country, but they often include religious ceremonies, food, music, and games. Some rituals date back hundreds of years, while others are relatively new. So, once you are done with sending party invitations, then next is to prepare for these rituals so that you don’t miss out on any.
There are plenty of wedding traditions around the world. In America, however, these customs are particularly well-known and celebrated. From the bride’s bouquet toss to the groom’s boutonniere pinning ceremony, these 10 wedding traditions are great ways to celebrate your special day

The Bouquet Toss Tradition

The tradition of tossing a bride’s bouquets dates back centuries in Europe. It was believed that if you tossed a bouquet at a woman who was about to be married, it would bring her good luck. Today, this is still practiced during wedding receptions.

The Bride’s Cake Cutting Ceremony

Young couple cutting their wedding cake

It is one of the most popular wedding traditions today. When the bride arrives with her father at the reception site, she will cut a slice of cake, usually in front of everyone. Afterward, the guests can choose which piece they want as their own.

The Father-of-the-Bride Dance

On the night before the wedding, the bride’s mother leads the fathers of the bridesmaids in a dance. This custom dates back to ancient Greece.

Toasting Wine

Toasting wine is an essential part of many wedding celebrations. At the end of the meal or toast, the couple will pour a glass of champagne into each other’s mouths.

Ring Pops

During the ring popping ceremony, the rings are popped using a hammer. The idea behind this is to symbolize breaking away from past relationships.

The First Dance

During the first dance, the bride and groom share a romantic moment. The newlywed couple makes their first appearance as a married couple on the dance floor.

The “I Dos.”

After saying their vows, the newlyweds traditionally exchange a kiss. However, there are many variations of what happens after that. Some couples shake hands, while others might give each other an embrace.

The Kiss Under the Mistletoe

Mistletoe is a plant that grows on Christmas trees and brings good luck to those who kiss beneath it. Many people believe kissing under the mistletoe brings romance.

The Best Man Speech

The best man gives a speech about the couple’s relationship. He may tell funny stories about the bachelor party or talk about how happy he is for the couple.

The Garter Toss

A wedding garter is a piece of lingerie that the bride wears under her wedding dress. The groom removes this garter at the reception by using his hands or teeth underneath the bride’s gown. He further tosses it to the crowd. It is similar to the bouquet toss. The bachelor who catches the garter is believed to be married next.

Now, as you know these American traditions, you are all set to ring the wedding bells in the most traditional American culture that you ever wished for. 

The Reasons Why American Wedding Traditions Outstand Among Others

We would say, the popularity of the American wedding traditions goes to the Hollywood and its detailed exploration of the American culture. It’s the popularity of Hollywood movies that people across the world are planning their weddings and rituals as per American wedding style.

  • American tradition is the potpourri of different factors, something novel, something borrowed, and something blue. All these things are something which a bride carries with herself for good luck. All these things make the traditions more thrilling.
  • Another tradition that makes the American wedding interesting is the wedding bouquet. The bride carrying the bouquet of flowers still have a huge significance in American culture.
  • The wedding ring is an imperative part of American weddings. It signifies eternity or a never-ending marriage.
  • There is a tradition to have flower girls who strew flowers. It symbolizes fertility and hope. Interestingly, in the early days, brides used to wear the flowers strewn by the flower girls in order to ward off the evil spirits from their marriage.