What is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is a federal festival observed in the US, Canada and some other countries. It falls on the fourth Thursday of November in the US and is celebrated annually to mark the blessings of a crop, including the crop. Thus, the name ‘thanksgiving’, which zeroes down to expressing gratitude for things that we often take for granted. In Canada, it is celebrated on the 2nd Monday of October, while in Liberia and Norfolk Island, it is marked on the 1st Thursday of November and the last Wednesday of November respectively. Schools are shut down, everyone stays at home enjoying the holidays.

How do people celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

How do people celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

It commemorates the story of the Pilgrims’ Meal with the Native Americans. It is celebrated both in private spheres and public spheres. People organize celebratory feasts for friends and family and cook traditional dishes – Turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies, and cranberry sauce. To celebrate the spirit of giving thanks, Thanksgiving parades are organized with character balloons, poppers, and musical bands.

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What is Black Friday?

Following Thanksgiving Day, the next day, Friday is popularly known as Black Friday. The sinister name owes to the fact that after the holiday, shoppers swarmed the markets in huge numbers leading to congestion in pedestrian crossings, traffic jams and violent crashes.

How to celebrate Black Friday?

Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas festivities, which is why shoppers celebrated the day by bombarding shops and things turned upside down!

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What is Shopping Saturday?

Also known as Still Shopping Saturday, Shopping Saturday is the third chance in a row to grab hefty discounts on your favorite wedding invitation cards. It falls on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving Day or the next day after Black Friday.

How to celebrate Shopping Saturday?

It is believed that markets and shops are still loaded with attractive offers and those who couldn’t get their hands on these lucrative deals on Black Friday can do so on Shopping Saturday!

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What is Cyber Monday?

Well, the festivities do not come to an end with the weekend! They extend to the next week to add some glitter to your otherwise mundane Monday! So the first Monday following Thanksgiving Day is known as Cyber Monday and was started by retailers as a marketing gig.

How to celebrate Cyber Monday?

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Happy Wedding! Happy Festive Season! Happy Shopping!