muslim wedding cards, islamic wedding invitations

So, already engaged and looking for beautiful Muslim wedding cards? So, what is going in your mind about the wedding invitation cards? Do you want to keep it simple and conventional or looking for a contemporary look? Well, selecting an Islamic wedding card needs lot of planning and mindful thinking. It is known fact that Muslim wedding function is also known as Nikah. So, we can say that Muslim marriage invitations are therefore an amalgamation of traditional and modern look which gives perfect grace to the matrimonial celebration.

So, a large variety of Islamic wedding cards are available in the market to choose from. However, there are certain things that you need to consider before selecting the right invitation.

Listed below are a few important tips that you need to keep in mind while searching for Islamic wedding invitation cards:

    • Designs: While selecting a Muslim marriage invitation card, designs play an important role. As, the invitations are beautifully embellished with designs of leaves, peacocks, domes, feathers and hearts. At the same time, you can opt for decorative gems and stones which will further beautify your Islamic marriage invitations.

muslim wedding cards, islamic wedding invitations, islamic cards

    • Color: Colors also play a very noteworthy role in Islamic wedding cards. While selecting the cards, it is necessary to keep in mind the wedding theme while choosing the color of the card. You can also think the option of selecting the color according to the time. For example, warmer colors are a great option in winter and cool and bright colors go well in summers. It is also possible to include commonly noticed colors in Muslim wedding invitation, such as red, white, red and green.
    • Theme: It is also known that your Islamic wedding invitations could replicate the theme of your marriage. Since last 5 years, theme based wedding invitation cards have gained immense popularity. However, if you opt for a theme based invitation then you have to make sure that it is well coordinated with your marriage stationery and decorations.

a2z muslim wedding cards, islamic wedding invitations, islamic cards

  • Style: Designer, conventional or Traditional, you can select a style that best fits your occasion and taste. At the same time, scroll marriage cards are also in high demand these days and these invitations are available in striking patterns and vibrant colors. Well, you can also select hand crafted invitations which are perfectly designed for perfect wedding celebration.

So, always remember that to make your special day is unforgettable; you need to first select perfect or artistically designed Islamic wedding invitations.