Sometimes people ask when the best time to get married is. Well, I always say the right time is when both groom and bride wish for it. But, many of them ask about the season and I always say “Plan out a wonderful Christmas themed wedding because couples love to get married in winter especially during Christmas and why don’t you try? Christmas time is festive, warm and within this Xmas holiday, you find cheer and sparkle to start a new life with your fiancé. So are you excited about it, but have no clue about Christmas Wedding Ideas, then read this blog to get 10 Incredible Christmas themed Wedding & Wedding Invitation Ideas for a memorable marriage:-


Christmas wedding invitations- It’s all about setting the right tone for your Christmas themed WeddingSo, to make your ceremony perfect in all respect choose Designer Wedding Invitations, which can be designed keeping in mind your theme and budget. Another benefit is customization, as you can personalize the cards in terms of colors, designs, patterns and wordings. You can make use of Christmas colors like gold, green or red in your Christmas wedding invitations.


Decorate the wedding venue superbly with Christmas decorations- For decorating the wedding venue impeccably, you have to choose the right wedding theme color. This might look an easy task, but you can make it impeccable by using your creativity. Make use of beautiful Christmas colors like green, red and create a stylish wedding décor. You can also decorate the whole venue with golden, green and red ribbons.

A2Zweddingcards-Christmas themed wedding venue

Christmas-themed drink and food to impress the guests- Drink and food forms an integral part of every marriage celebration and in a Christmas Themed Wedding the guests will certainly anticipate a gourmet dinner or lunch. You can serve cranberry sauce, sliced ham, garlic mashed potatoes, Roast turkey as the main course. For desserts, you can serve cookies, pies, pudding, etc. Beverages like cranberry cocktail, spiced wine, Eggnog etc. will surely suit your Christmas themed wedding.

A2ZWeddingCards-Christmas Wedding theme Food and Drinks

Chairs and table decorations– As you all know, tables and chairs are the central attraction of every Christmas Theme Wedding. You can decorate them with Large-sized Christmas bells, red-colored ribbons, scented candles and many others. For elegant centerpieces, you can keep the red roses in a beautifully designed glass jar and decorate it with some pine tree leaves.


Christmas-themed wedding cake for the big day – It’s your big day, you must order a big Wedding Cake showcasing your wedding theme. Order a white colored cake decorated with figures like snow-men, bells, reindeer, Santa Claus and many others.

A2ZWeddingCards- Christmas theme wedding cake

Attire of bridesmaids for your Christmas wedding– My friend Christina preferred  long dress with Capelets or shrugs for her Bridesmaids. It is a wonderful idea, is not it? You can also dress them with sparkly accessories or long wraps to match up with the wedding theme.


Groom’s Ties and Boutonniere– Want to give your groom, a stylist look then add a patterned tie or vest to his suit.

Wedding Groom Boutonnier Tie

Wedding music– Add the colors of Christmas by asking your DJ to play some typical Christmas carols and impress your guests for all the years to come. It is a wonderful idea to match up with the wedding theme.

Wedding favors– Giving wedding gifts to your guests is considered as a nice gesture. It’s about thanking them for attending the most special day of your life. You can give away gifts like gold colored photo frames or Thank You Cards to your guests.


Bridal attire– It’s your special day and you must look extraordinary and different from others present in your wedding. Wear a white colored gown that shows off your wonderful personality. Add a long red colored velvet cape along with sparkly sequins and beads to induce the snowiness of this season.