Common Flower Mistakes & How to Avoid ThemThe day for which you have been waiting for, the day when you can’t stop smiling more and more. But, hey! Have you paid attention to your wedding décor?

Flower decoration might seem a cakewalk, unfortunately, the matter of fact is that flower arrangements can certainly ruin your mood and the wedding party when not done right.

No matter how many Pinterest or Instagram inspirations you have gone through, when it comes to facing it all in real, the picture is completely different! Things do not always go right, right?

Don’t worry, we are here to ease your task by listing common flower mistakes and ways by which you can avoid them. Happy Reading! And most importantly- Happy Execution! We hope you make the best of the provided tips and tricks.

Search And ResearchSearch and research

Well, you are reading wedding blogs! Impressive…. Keep it up and take this good habit as far as you can. Lack of research is a common mistake that should be avoided. Take screenshots of the flower arrangements that you like and make notes so as to understand what will work for you and what won’t. Don’t be ashamed to note the things down on paper, just do it!

Let The Scent Set The SceneLet the scent set the scene

“Nothing is more memorable than a smell” Make sure you make some really good memories! The fragrance is a factor which is often left undone by most of the people. However, the troubles it can possibly create are unthinkable. Just imagine, the aroma of scrumptious food getting hitched with the fragrance of bewitching flowers on your wedding day or even worse, just think about your guests sneezing back-to-back in a row! All of this happens and has happened in past. Select flowers very wisely, the fragrance should be both light and subtle in its own way.

So Much Diy! Why?

You are the bride-to-be and honestly, there are a lot of things that require your time and attention be it spa, parlor, wedding dress or your photoshoot……the list can go on and on. Yes, you are a smart bride, agreed and therefore you wish to save money by doing it all yourself but trust me it is more complicated than you think. Unless you are too much into flowers and gardening, best is to leave it for the experts.

Flowers Flowers Everywhere, Not A Single Petal To AdoreFlowers flowers everywhere, not a single petal to adore

As they say, ‘Excess of anything is bad’. Yes, you are extremely excited but, don’t let your excitement overflow. Often, couples are so inspiration obsessed that be it the Floral Wedding invitations or the flower arrangement they place flowers at every possible location. Also, make sure that you don’t place the flowers directly under the sunlight. Try being as witty as you can.

For Matrimony, Keep Aside A Good Sum Of Money!For matrimony keep aside a good sum of money

With this, we are not trying to ask you to spend a huge sum of money on flowers. The only point is- don’t restrict yourself by refusing all the expensive flowers. Prepare a fixed budget and stick to it but do make a space for a few classy flowers as well. Don’t ignore the advice from your florist by thinking that he is charging you higher. Understand that he is an expert and he knows what change can that bunch of expensive flowers bring to your wedding.

Why To Mark A New Beginning With Old Ways?Why to mark a new beginning with old ways

“Creative thinking inspires ideas and ideas inspire change”.  Wedding is not an annual affair, it is your D-Day! Don’t make it a simple boring ceremony,  go creative. Let your vivid imagination spread the fragrance of newness and a unique freshness that stays for long.

Start Early. Don’t Wait To Kickstart The Shopping SpreeStart early. Don’t wait to kickstart the shopping spree

 “The bad news is time flies. The good news is, you are the pilot.” There are huge possibilities of the fact that the flowers that you have dreamt of are not available when you want them to be. If you have any such preferences, start early and make prior orders so as to avoid end-moment heartbreaks and disappointments. A quick tip would be to order seasonal flowers, they will not only last longer but will also fit well in the budget.

Flowers That Are Fragile Stay Only For A While Flowers that are fragile stay only for a while

Of course, you don’t want withered flowers for a wedding that is as fresh and lively as you are! Dahlias, peonies, and hydrangeas are a complete no-no for an outdoor wedding.  Don’t fall in the trap of unreal inspirations, make sure that the flowers last longer. Placement is again a critical point to note here, don’t place the blooms near the ripened fruits because it can make the blooms drop off.

We hope the above-mentioned tips will rescue your wedding day from common floral hiccups. All the very best and let the sweet smell of your tender love spread far and wide.