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Wedding Planning Ideas

Wedding is the biggest day in everyone’s life. It’s all about love and relation that two love birds share and want to continue forever by living together. Every couple wants to make their big day the most special day of their life. They try their best to make it awesome and include as many things as they can. You can take help of a Wedding Planning Checklist But, when you want your wedding to be the best one as per your budget then you need to have some ideas to make it special and budget friendly. Here are some tips and ideas to make your dream wedding successful by spending within your desired budget.

Wedding Decoration

1. Order best quality affordable & Cheap Wedding Invitation

To greet your guests and to invite them, you need to send them wedding invitations. You can make your wedding,  budget friendly by ordering the best quality cheap wedding invites. You can buy affordable wedding invitations that exactly fit into your wedding budget. You can checkout some cheap yet quality wedding invitations @ http://goo.gl/NCtdGE

Affordable Cheap Wedding Invitations

2. DIY Wedding Favors

You can make your own wedding favors for your guests who scheduled their valuable time to be a part of your big day. You can give them a handmade chocolate box, candy box, handmade flower pot or creative bottle with different and beautiful. You can be helped by your family members and friends. Homemade wedding favors can make your wedding budget friendly.

DIY Wedding Favors

3. Choose your home garden as your wedding reception venue

A reception venue is one of the most expensive arrangements you have to make for your wedding. So, You can use your home’s open space or nearby area for your wedding reception venue that will make your wedding surely a budget friendly wedding by saving you a lot of money. You can also ask for a favor from your friends if they have  large open area or garden area in their home.

Wedding Reception Venue

4. Make a limited guest checklist

You can keep your guest list short & sweet by only including limited names in it. If possible, Try to avoid the names who are not so close to you. You can also send R.S.V.P to your guests and make sure who will be coming or not. If you will have the names of the guests that will be coming to attend your wedding then you can plan & arrange things in advance according to your budget and save a lot of extra & avoidable expenditures.

Wedding Guest Checklist

5. Do your Own Wedding Décor

Let your Cousins & close friends be your wedding décor experts. Involve them & let them showcase their decoration talent at your wedding. The event being is so important so don’t take any chances!  Assign the décor responsibility to the talented DIY task doers only as it is a matter of your prestige & style. Besides, You along with your friends or family members can work upon on décor for your wedding reception. Those who are known to you and are creative can help you out and make your wedding special & budget friendly.

DIY Wedding Decor

6. Create a food menu featuring selected but best food items

Food is the important element in a Wedding Gala. It’s best to create a menu featuring selected yet best food delicacies as per your guest’s choice. You can also have help of your friends who are good at cooking. You can hire some good & Cost effective Catering service providers as well and ask them to cook selected dishes fitting best into your budget.

DiY Food Items

Hope these Tips will help you plan your Dream Wedding in a Budget Friendly manner!

Happy Wedding Planning!