Letterpress printing method has always been one of the most common types of printing for wedding invites from fifteenth to the nineteenth century, but it was replaced by offset lithography, a faster procedure that has made possible to photographically transfer a flat image to any paper. In today’s world, letterpress printing method has become popular again, as many couples are utilizing it for printing their formal wedding invitations. In the letterpress printing method, the ink is applied to a raised surface and pressed on to the paper. The result is a crisp, luxurious, and a beautiful imprinted picture that can be felt very easily.

The modern Letterpress Wedding Invite not only looks great, but also adds graceful look to the whole event.


The Letterpress printing not only gives a high-quality end-result, but also one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. The images and text are in fact impressed into the paper, creating bold, clean lines and crisp designs that will provide you greater visual definition of the other types of printing methods. The rich texture created through the impression not only adds uniqueness, but also gives a level of intimacy to each card. At the same time, it will work well with extra heavy card stock and cotton (treeless) papers, which cannot be done by other forms of printing techniques. At the same time, it has to be kept in mind that the cost of keeping the press and making new plates for every card is high, which makes it a more costly endeavor for many couples.


Due to low flexibility, turnaround time and cost, this method is not the standard printing technique. It is also very time consuming because the equipment used can print only one shade at a particular point of time. It can be said that letterpress printing is a very complex procedure in case you using detailed photographs and thin lines. But, couples select modern letterpress wedding invitation card for an extraordinary perfection. It will surely create an awe-factor in the minds of your invited guests and will compel them to attend your special day festivity.

Due to growing demand, many online wedding card manufacturers have started to offer this kind of printing technique. The main advantage being the diversity, as the bride and groom can browse for different kinds of style in this regard and choose the most appropriate one based on their wedding theme. Now, you can also find matching add-on cards like save the date cards, menu cards, guest book, RSVP cards printed in letterpress technique.


To add glamour, excitement, traditional yet modern look, you must choose modern letterpress wedding. Hence, it can be said that if your special occasion requires something extraordinary and you also have lots of time, along with a big budget for wedding cards then consider the letterpress printing method. If you have already utilized modern letterpress wedding invite for your special day celebration or have more info about the same then do share your valuable comments to us.