Every bride and groom in this world wants to celebrate their special day in a unique and extraordinary manner. So, we are here to give you some tips for DIY (Do it yourself) roundup for making fabric, paper flowers for having an outstanding and a fabulous wedding celebration. The elegant and rich fabric paper flowers are exceptionally easy to make . . . Also requires few fundamental supplies. At the same time, the completed product is wonderfully exquisite, and can resemble a real bloom! Each flower will turn out distinctively great and will be a true piece of magnificence!


Have a look at the below mentioned requirement and steps that will help you in making beautiful fabric paper flowers:-


  • Synthetic Silky Fabric
  • Candle (if possible a tea light)
  • Scissors

Additional materials:

  • Glue Gun or Glue dots and Thread with Needle
  • Beads or Buttons


1. Make circle patterns from the card stock-

You have to make a bigger diameter that is larger than the width of the bloom because the petals will shrink less. Make some of these, reducing the breadth bit by bit with the goal that the finished result has more modest petals in the center and bigger ones remain outside. You can then utilize a pattern that you like to give it a beautiful look.


2. Draw around the pattern by utilizing a pen onto the silk fabric-

You can additionally cut around the pattern to avoid the drawing part; it could possibly not be as consistent because making it uniform isn’t vital. Furthermore, non-uniformity gives it character and it is regarded as great.

3. Use the scissors to cut out the petals and circle-

You have to cut inside the lines for making a perfect circle in the fabric. Deliberately cut just around 1/3rd of the circle to make petals. It is possible to make as many as petals you prefer, or can also add some variety to it. It is preferable to cut five times to make 5 perfectly-sized petals. It is also possible to round the corners of petals, in case you like.

4. Utilize the candle to crinkle and melt the edges of the flowers-

Be extremely cautious, as might burn the whole fabric paper flower. You need to keep the petals at least 1 or 2 inches away from the flame and have to make certain to circle them around the candle. You must not overheat or else it will catch fire and continue to melt the petal edges by doing it layer by layer.


5. Paste or sew together all the petal layers-

By utilizing a thread and needle, make a beginning knot to sew them all together layer by layer. It is also possible to place a bead or button on the middle of the top layer to complete the flower, just paste or sew the bead or button.

So, your beautiful fabric, paper flowers are ready for decorating the venue and to have a wonderful matrimonial celebration that your guests will remember for all the years to come.