You have finalized the wedding card’s theme and have contacted the supplier know if you think you are done, let us warn you, you are about to make a big mistake. Wedding stationery might seem a cakewalk but it is not as easy as it appears to be. With an enormous possibility of designs and colors, wedding stationeries can literally make you go mad! Hold on your nerves, here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts while ordering your wedding stationery online.

1) Do Ask For Proofs On Mail

Online offers and discount might tempt you but don’t get trapped in the rat race of -who will get the best deal. Always opt for a certified dealer who has been in business for more than 5 years (at least) and who has a good client base, this will reduce your tension multifold. Never rely on phone calls, always ask for a mail and proper proof of the deal being made.Do ask for proofs on mail

2) Do Ask For Offers On Customization

“Real luxury is customization” Don’t forget to ask for option available to customize your dream Wedding Invitation Offers. Never settle for anything less than ‘Wow’ and don’t fear to ask. Ask if the customization offers have some discounts attached to them. You can strike a great deal if you know all the nitty-gritty well in advance.Do ask for offers on customization

3) Do Ask If The Dealer Is A Specialist

The best work comes out when you lend someone an opportunity to play on their own strengths. If there are any specializations offered, don’t hesitate to try your luck on them. But at the same time don’t just get carried away, look up for sample cards and cards which they have done before to ensure that the things go right in place.

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4) Do Ask For A Prior Snail Mail

While the perks of online ordering might create those shining dollars in your eyes (just like the emoji) but it too has its limitation. The colors and textures might pixelate and the outcome can be disheartening, therefore a smart suggestion would be to ask for a snail mail prior to the order upfront. There’s nothing wrong with it, after all, you are the one who is paying! Do ask for a prior snail mail

5) Do Look Up For The Price Of A Complete Package

Sometimes, the package cost a lot lesser than a-la-carte. Don’t forget to ask for the rates of a complete package including menu cards, escort cards, save the date cards, etc. After all, there is no harm in ordering it all from the same place. It will not only increase the dealer’s responsibility for your order but will also cut-down your estimated cost excessively. Furthermore, with this, all your wedding stationery will fall on the same page and will look perfectly fit for the theme.

Wedding Invites- A2zWeddingCardsWedding Invitation + Thank You + RSVP
$1.20    +     $0.30     + $0.25 = $1.75

6) Do Ask For A Tentative Timeline

“Being on time is a sign of respect”. As per the wedding invitation etiquettes, Save the date cards should be sent 6-9 months ahead of the wedding while the wedding invitations should be posted 6-9 weeks ahead of the wedding. Order your cards as early as possible so that you have enough time to plan other things beforehand. Do ask for a tentative timeline

7) Do Make Good Friends With Wedding Portals And Internet

Well, probably that is the reason why you are here on this page right now. Research is all you are going to be doing for the next couple of months now. Don’t shy away from good wedding portals, books, and blogs. You can ask the wedding card dealer for suggestions about the same. Do make good friends with wedding portals and internet

8) Do Ask If They Sell Custom Designs Or Lines

There are possibilities of your stationer being a graphic designer or he/she can also have good contacts with a few graphic designers. Asking for custom designs or lines will aid in beautifying your wedding card with a touch of personal taste and love.

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9) Do Ask About The Assembling Of Pieces

While placing the order, this is one of the biggest pre-requisites. Not only printing but also the assembling of cards is a challenging and tedious task to be taken care of. Don’t forget to ask if there are extra charges for assembling of pieces, quite often the assembling cost is hidden. Make sure you don’t fall into this trap of pricing.

10) Do Ask For Extra

If you are really lucky, you can get a few extra copies for free but usually, this is not the case. Don’t forget to order extra copies to avoid disappointed friends and family. Once, they get offended it won’t be that easy to hold them back again. Hence, a clear solution to avoid this blunder from happening is, start planning your guest list 7-8 months prior to the wedding. Mail your online wedding invitations with rsvp approx. 6 months prior to avoid any hassle and jeopardies.Do ask for extra

We hope the above-mentioned tips will ease your task of arranging the wedding stationery for your dream wedding. All the best and keep reading!