Just because the thank you invites are sent as a long standing custom, doesn’t imply that you can’t add fun to it. You must know that thank you cards are a great way to show or convey your thoughts as well as your creative side. So to help you in this regard, we are here to offer you some creative ideas that you can include in your Thank you wedding invites to make your guests happy. This will help them to remember your wedding function for all the years to come.


Making a thank you sign- One of the creative ideas can be including a photo of couples holding the signboard of “Thank You”. It is conjointly possible to use the sign of “Thank You” to showcase your gesture towards your guests. It will surely make your thank you invite impeccable in all respects. This particular trend is very populating among couples all across the globe.


Adding a photo of your guests- Another creative idea can be adding the photos of your guests along with you in your thank you invites. This will make them feel special and you can also include a note saying thanks to them for attending your wedding function.  Your guests will surely love your idea and will remember the day for all the years to come.

Try out a handmade thank you card- You can go to a thank you handmade card to express your happiness towards your invited guests. It is possible to order beautiful and creates handmade thank you invites from a2zweddingcards, an online wedding card portal offering beautiful handmade wedding invites.


Try out light writing- Have you heard about light painting or light writing, which is a wonderful technique that comprises of utilizing flashlight, sparkler and shutter speed photography. It will help you in making “thank you” words in a creative manner by using these photos to write thank you on the invites. You can ask your wedding photographer to help you in photographic light writing.

Sending a wonderful thank you gift- It is very much possible to send gifts to your parents, bridesmaids, and close friends who helped you in making the occasion perfect in all respects. This will surely bring smile on their faces, as you can include personalized jewelry, luxury soap, chocolates or any other item to impress your wedding guests.


Go with a vintage postcard thank you card- How about adding a vintage look to your wedding function by selecting a vintage themed thank you postcard. You can find various online wedding card portals that offer services relating to it. You can send them your wedding photo and they will add a wonderful vintage background or layer to it. This is surely a creative as well as a wonderful idea to say thanks to your guests.


Using professional embossing design- Another great idea is sending a wonderful embossed thank you invites, but generally these types of cards are bit expensive.  You can engrave your names along with your guests name on the card to add a special touch to it.