LOVE!! This is just a word until someone springs along and gives it a meaning. We dive in love by chance and dwell in it by choice. We accept the love we feel we deserve. It’s a loyalty, a mutual regard for one another. It’s the strength of this feeling that makes love, the most powerful vibe.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the feel of love is in the air. It’s a lovely event where gifts are exchanged between lovers and engaged couples and kept as memories as long as they live together. Red roses, candy hearts, chocolates, couple necklace, rings, Heart plates, Photo Cube are offered as bounties.

Valentines Day Themed Wedding

Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, that makes it a perfect day for engagements and weddings. Well, what do Weddings and Valentine Day have in common! It’s love, love, and love! It’s a popular day for the union of two souls. Apart from candies and roses, couples can go for a Valentine theme based Invitations for their wonderful Wedding. It will spark a unique combination of Valentine themed Wedding. Even if, not getting married on Valentine, incorporate some touch of it in your Wedding to get a feel of it.

For couples crazy about their Wedding, can organize their Wedding based on Valentine’s Day theme. As Valentine, synonym for red, depending on your Wedding style you can go traditional with it or can do something unexpected.

Attire – A traditional fashionable rose colored dress can be impressive. White can be in contrast with the red. Wear your hair pulled back with red, white rose pins clutched at them. Wrap vibrant rosy pink shawl around and carry a red flower bouquet. Groomsmen can wear  red-pink  ties with their apparels.

Valentine Day Themed Wedding Attire

Venue Decorations – As Valentine is a popular day to tie the knot, wild some places where lots of candles can be lit that can set the mood for the ceremony. Hang Dangling Hearts to decorate the ceilings. Heart light strings and paper lanterns can add a romantic glow to the event. Rose satin ribbon can be wrapped around the cake. Pink and red flowers can be used in abundance; romantic music can be added to the scene.

Valentine Theme Wedding Decor

Menu – Apart from regular dishes, some chocolates, strawberries, banana candies can be added to the list. As, Valentine is everything with pink and heart colored rosy heart shaped cutlery can be used.

Valentine Wedding Menu

Wedding Invitations- Invitation tone can be set by adding a Valentine message appended by Bride and Groom’s name. As, Heart conveys true love, rosy heart Wedding Invitations can fit to your style.

Valentine Wedding InvitationFavors- Give your guests Heart shape red colored holders with Thanks and Valentine message written in it. It will send love to all guests who’ll receive it. In addition to it, a red rose can render, longing of pure and enduring love.

Valentine Wedding Favors

Celebrate your romantic Wedding with Valentine touch and feel. Have your Valentine themed Wedding reflect all true romance of your love story.

   Happy Valentine’s Day!!