Hey! It’s awesome that you got engaged! Many Congratulations to you for your new beginning.

If you are looking for some inspiration to design your wedding invitations then you’re going to be happy to have these Invitation ideas and trends for your wedding.

Here are some types of wedding invitations that you can choose to invite your loved ones at your wedding……

1. Simple and Ethnic Wedding Invitations

When we first think about wedding invitations then we go for simple and beautifully crafted wedding invitations which are made up of different types of paper like woolly paper, velvet and many more. It comes first in our mind to have a look on different cards and choose one of them to invite our guests.

Elegant wedding Invitation

2. DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY wedding invitations are just like those wedding invitations which are created by you or your creative friends. DIY trend is always in and it also makes your wedding into your budget. If you don’t want to spend too much in your wedding then it can be a good inspiration that you can take help of your talented friends and knows. It will help you out as these invitations are affordable wedding cards for you and fits into your wedding budget.

DIY wedding Invitation

3. Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

This is just like you’re using some eco-friendly things in your wedding invitations like the recycled paper to make your wedding invitation an eco-friendly invitation. That paper used in wedding invitation cards is made from pure cotton and wood. You can also choose eco-friendly ink to write your wedding program in wedding invitation card.

Eco Friendly wedding invitations

4. Jeweled wedding invitations

Beautiful wedding invitations, with gems stickers pasted on them or use of crystals and pearls to make your wedding invitation a perfect and modern wedding invitation can be a trendy idea if you’re designing your invitation card.

Jeweled wedding Invitation

Jeweled Wedding Invitation

5. Floral Wedding Invitations

Wedding always depicts Love, romance and happiness of a couple as they’re going to start a new life. It’s just like blooming a new flower. So, Wedding couple can show their happiness in their invitation cards by selecting a floral wedding invitation. Floral design shows beauty of their love and soothes the receivers or your guests. Printing flower design on wedding invitation cards is just an awesome inspiration and in trend now…

Beautiful Floral  Wedding Invitation

Floral Printing wedding Invitations

6. Letterpress Wedding Invitations

It is one of the most beautiful wedding invitation inspirations as it gives a old fashioned royal look to your wedding invitation. Letterpress printing is executed on soft, fluffy cotton paper. It looks beautiful and attracts your guests too. It’s an authentic way to present your wedding highlights and style of your wedding.

Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Happy Wedding Planning!