A dream wedding is the biggest celebration of life and every detail of it needs to be grand and elegant. One of the essentials for a stunning wedding are wedding invitations. You really can’t ignore them you want to make an everlasting impression on all your wedding guests as they are the mirror to the kind of wedding celebration you are going to have. So, following the latest wedding invitations trends is always the right option and if you are planning your wedding in 2017, here are top wedding invitation trends 2017 to choose from.
Top 10 Wedding Invitation Trends - Feb 2017

1. Peacock Wedding Invitations

1. Peacock wedding invitations - A2zWedding Cards
Undoubtedly, Peacock wedding invitation trend is here to stay for long. This magnificent invitation trend offers cards in various colors and combinations. A peacock design on these cards is something that makes them more impactful and beautiful. You can incorporate these beautiful cards if you planning to have a lavish ceremony.

2. Red Wedding Invitations

2. Red wedding invitations - A2zWeddingCards
Colors play a central role in the elegance of a wedding and if your wedding is focusing the color of romance as the primary color, this red wedding cards trends is definitely crafted for you. The cards under this invitation trend are always cherished. With fine detailing and right use of paper, you could have the most beautiful card for your wedding.

3. Laser Cut Wedding Cards

3. Laser Cut wedding invitations - A2zWeddingCards
Increasingly popular over the years, the laser wedding cards trend continue to be a hit wedding invitations cards for 2017 also. Every minor detailing and designs of these amazing wedding cards are something to die for. You can always create your dream wedding invites with the use of this wedding invitation trends.

4. Metallic Gold Wedding Invitation Cards

4. Metallic Gold wedding invitations - A2zWeddingCards
For a tinge of sophistication in your wedding invitation suite, the subtle hints of metallic gold are beyond perfection. Glitzy wedding invitations themes are perfect for a royal or grandiose wedding. Match the color scheme of your whole wedding and there you go with the most elegant wedding card in your hand.

5. Multi-Color Wedding Invitations

5. Multi-colour wedding invitations - A2zWeddingCards
Monochrome is out this year and multi-color is completely in when it comes to Wedding Invitations Trends 2017. Try matching the color with the colors of your wedding theme. Keep the dominant color as the color of your wedding invite paper and pair that with other colors that will prevail in your wedding.

6. Royal Rajasthani Wedding Invitations

6. Royal Rajasthani wedding invitations - A2zWeddingCards
If we talk about the wedding themes, the Rajasthani theme is a big hit from the time immemorial and it will last forever. For hooking up with this wedding theme, Royal Rajasthani wedding invitation trend is what you are looking for. Rich, bright colors with awesome patterns over these cards make them one of the most preferred ones.

7.Velvet Touch Wedding Invitations

7. Velvet touch wedding invitations - A2zWeddingCards
This Wedding Invitations Theme is simply marvelous. All the wedding cards under this category are soft to touch and they leave an everlasting impact on all your wedding guests. Available in various attractive shades and style, the velvet touch wedding invitations have the power to make any wedding royal and exclusive.

8.Floral Wedding Invites

8. Floral wedding invitations - A2zWeddingCards
One of the most striking Wedding Invitations Cards For 2017 is floral one. These wedding cards in various patterns and designs are popping and grabbing everyone’s attention. With watercolor strokes, they can really create magic in any wedding. The cool shades make a sparkling effect on the invites.

9. Leaf Wedding Invitation Cards

9. Leaf wedding invitations - A2zWeddingCards
Greenery is the Pantone color of the year and if you want your wedding to have this color in abundance, you can choose the leaf wedding invitations for your wedding. Even the world is going environmental friendly and the foliage pattern on your wedding invites is a perfect way to represent your love for nature.

 10. Box Wedding Invitations

10.  Box wedding invitations - A2zWeddingCards
The whimsical look makes it one of the most adored Wedding cards Trends. Box invitation trends are so beautiful and elegant that you instantly fall in love with it. The alluring pattern and designs available in this wedding invitation theme are even more awe-worthy.