5 Mistakes Not to Make Before Your Makeup Trial

Wedding planning starts months before the big event. We plan each and everything like deciding the venue, fixing the menu, selecting the decor and caterer. We spend hours giving the trials to choose the best for the most awaited day. A wedding is the most important event for a bride, so it’s very necessary for her to know about the bridal fashion and bridal makeup to get a perfect bridal beauty. Deciding and finalizing makeup artist before the wedding is as important as deciding the caterers and decor.

Makeup trials involve giving ideas and tips to know for makeup done same as you would like to on the wedding day, and it also allows you to mix things up and see what will work for your occasion. Moreover, makeup trial is a safeguard when it comes to avoiding big blunders on the day of the wedding.

Why is makeup trial so important?

Why is makeup trial so important

Before giving a trial, we can’t choose a wedding dress, jewelry, shoes and other related things of bridal fashion. A bridal Makeup is a very important thing which entirely can change the look of the bride. If you want the perfect bridal beauty on your big day, you can’t go for a bridal makeup without taking a makeup trial. A makeup trial is an important part of the wedding planning.

A makeup trial will make you confident about your wedding day look as you can experiment with different bridal looks and choose the perfect one for you. A makeup trial suggests the bridal makeup tips for the wedding day.

Discuss your ideas well with your makeup artist. Be clear about your ideas, regarding the outfits, the occasions. It is better to maintain a diary to keep your ideas in one place. After a makeup trial, your wedding look will be the last thing on your mind, and you can get tips to know for makeup.

On the other side, you also want to avoid doing a few things that negatively affect the results of your makeup trial. Below are five things to mistakes not to make before having your makeup trial.

Falling for Trends:

Don’t fall blindly for the trends. Trends are not always perfect for everyone. You might be taking a look simply because it is trendy, but trends are seasonal, and they come and go. Your bridal look should be classy and eternal.

Your trial should reflect your personal style, be it classy or trendy, and it should be your pick. It is possible that you could change your mind if the gap is too long between makeup trial and wedding, so schedule your trial accordingly to save your time and money. Be open for experiments during the makeup trial. This will help you get a better idea of how your face will look on the wedding day. Don’t be adamant about your choice and be open to the suggestions given by the professionals.

Makeup Budget:

Makeup Budget

Not making a bridal makeup budget might be a big mistake, as bridal makeup is very expensive, there are lots of things to decide when selecting the package. A makeup artist will charge for a makeup trial. It is better to make the budget for bridal makeup separately, depending on the artist you choose to get your trial done from.

Don’t agree on everything whatever your makeup artist says just because she is expert in the field. Select your package according to your choice and budget. Don’t feel pressurized. It is a really good idea to go with your mother, sister, and friends to have a balanced opinion on what works and what doesn’t. Let your makeup artist know about your skin type and makeup product preference.

Time Schedule:

Time Schedule

Don’t be in a hurry on the day of your makeup trial, maintain your schedule by discussing with your makeup artist. On the wedding day, you’ll be wearing your makeup for at least a couple hours, so it is a good idea to get used to the makeup on your face, as bridal makeup is heavy. Let the makeup sit for at least 5-8 hours to test the water, to get an idea about the sensitivity of your skin so that you can make adjustments accordingly.

Plan the schedule for your makeup trial when your outfit, jewelry are fixed and ready so that you can wear those. This will give your artist tips to select perfect bridal makeup. It will also help you envision your bridal look on the day of the wedding.

Maintaining Notes and Pictures:

Don’t forget to maintain the proper notes and pictures, to remember everything your makeup artist applied. Write down the products name, and other important makeup tips used in the trial. On your makeup trial day provide your makeup artist as many props and visuals as possible, including makeup products you like.

Bring the photos of the looks you want on your wedding day. It will help the makeup artist to get a better idea of your choice. Take pictures under different lights to get an idea of the look. Don’t judge your makeup under fluorescent lights as it will highlight your makeup and make your face look bright and harsh. Check and adjust your makeup under the daylight.

Using Below Products:

Retinal: If you use any products containing retinal. Don’t use t at least one month before your makeup trial. Skin becomes more sensitive by using retinal.

Under-eye cream: Under-eye creams are thick, applying foundation on top of eye cream is difficult to blend.

SPFs: Some foundation won’t lay properly when applied over moisturizer containing SPF. Use a moisturizer without SPF on the day of your trial to ensure your makeup applies perfectly.

Waxing: Skin becomes super sensitive after doing waxing. Application of makeup products to it will cause the skin irritation sensation. So, at least before two days of your scheduled makeup trial date avoid waxing.


Wedding makeup should enhance your beauty and also make you look amazing in your wedding photographs, it doesn’t mean you should cake it on. Be your beautiful self and make your skin look dewy and enhance your best features. If you avoid these five things, natural breakouts and dry skin happen but then also you’ll have a much better look after having a successful makeup trial.