Tips to look amazing in your wedding photographs!

Weddings are the biggest ceremony in every corner of this world. And accept it or not, memories of a wedding do fade away but not the photographs. So looking best in your wedding album will always be a vital task. Every bride wishes to look like a queen in her wedding, but unfortunately, the situation’s demand ruins it all due to the busyness and rush of the hour. Exhaustion makes it all difficult for the bride. But worry not, there are solutions for everything. And luckily there are some handy tips to look your best in your wedding photos and save the day like a pro:


Skin care

For this mega event, things need to be planned well before months to make it go smooth. And even the biology for your body requires time to improve. So, planning to look good on the wedding eve and in photographs? Start off with a diet that can improve your skin and make you look healthier. Google the suitable diet that will rhyme with your routine and follow it. All that you need is one stable diet chart and one or two skin sessions in the parlor. Making your body happy will directly improve your skin condition. So, take care of your health, your skin and your hairs well before your wedding.


Even gestures and expressions are as important as anything else. Practicing smile is a bit strange and funny thing to do. But remember, practice makes it perfect, and practicing requires time. Practicing a perfect smile will provide confidence during the photo session in your wedding. So, let’s not just waste time thinking about it and do it instead. Start investing your time in the things that will help boost your confidence while posing for the photographer in your wedding.  However, a smile is incomplete without a set of whitey teeth. For brighter teeth, go to the dentist’s clinic and plan teeth cleaning session with the doctor. Do it 10 days before the wedding ceremony. Cleaning them too early will make it less effective and cleaning it too late will make it look less natural. And trust me, you would want a perfect set of teeth shining white and natural in your wedding ceremony.

Designer Wedding dress

The wedding dress will be the main centerpiece in any of your photographer and the ceremony as well. So choosing your wedding gown in advance will be a great idea. Visit the best designers who can provide and design a perfect dress for you. Make sure that the dress you chose matches your body and aura. Let the dress sink in with your vibes but don’t try to shift or modify your vibes as per the dress. Remember, you are the queen, not any model. Match it up with the makeup and hairstyle but don’t overdo anything because the more natural it looks, the better the photographs will be.

Beach Wedding Photography

Wedding location

Decide the locations in advance as well. Do some research if required. But try to select a location that will reflect your love and bonding, a place that will cherish your relationship with your fiancé. Have and gather ideas from the bridesmaids and all other friends about the appropriate wedding locations and surely the best location will provide the real feel in the photographs.

But more than the location, it is more important to hire a professional photographer who has a wide experience in clicking perfect romantic wedding photography. A wedding photographer is a crucial element on whom most of the work would depend. So, do some research and find yourself a professional wedding photographer. Look for the one who has done some wedding photo-shoots and is creative with his or her work. Creativity is the key in this matter.


The night before the wedding is as important as the wedding day itself. Remember to have a good night sleep. A beauty sleep helps the body maintain its glow and even sleeping soon will make you avoid the party or something that could’ve given you an exhausting hangover. Eating a simple and easily digestive meal will be a better option to go for. Have fruits in the dinner so that the body can maintain the water level the next day. Remember not to overeat. Keep these two things in mind to start fresh the wedding day.

When the wedding day arrives, have a genuine smile on your face. Okay, so now that practicing smile is paying off. Yes, it is. If practiced well, your eyes will smile on its own. Finally, when the moment arrives of clicking photographers engage with the camera and looks deep into the lenses, which will help you to look confident and genuine. Loosen up your body with ease to make it look much more natural and comfortable.

What you need to avoid during this photography, is smiling forcefully or trying to overdo the poses. Making forceful poses will indeed ruin everything you prepared for and will go in vain. So, with a perfect hairstyle and a blissful smile, imagine it that it is all happening in your dreams and you want to live it. The more genuine and happy you feel, the better you can portray yourself.  And with a bouquet in your hand, don’t make the bouquet hide your entire dress. Better hold your bouquet near your hip with a 45 to 50 degree angled forearm; it will help you look long and lean.

The wedding ceremony is supposed to be the happiest moment of your life and saving it in a bundle of photos is the fantastic thing to do. With all the things we discussed, implementing every single step is necessary. After all, it is your wedding, and you don’t want to put things in the hands of luck. So, plan it all, do it all, but don’t leave any chance of regret in the future. Make the most of it and smile as much as you can. We hope these steps will make things easier for you. Congrats in advance.