Wedding flower decoration on a wedding cake

One of the prettiest and coolest parts of any wedding is the flowers, the word floral inspires us so much and the thought of walking down the floral aisle or to see beautiful floral centerpieces adorn the table blows our mind away. One can try so much with flowers like floral wedding invitations, floral dresses, floral venue decoration etc. At most weddings, floral installations and floral props of all shapes and sizes are used to make a great impact. It makes the place so lively. One of the favorite decor elements is cakes oozing with floral arrangements. So here are the few floral theme based wedding cake design ideas:

Cascading Beauty

Cascading beauty

With a beautiful cascade of sumptuous roses with other flowers will give an elegant look and an amazing wedding cake design idea. This cascading arrangement of flowers looks good on a cake with multi-tiers.

Precious Heart

Precious Heart

There’s nothing more romantic than a fresh white cake adorned with colored roses. Roses are always a good option no matter what color, you can use them for designing your wedding cake.

Rush of Color

Rush of color

Colorful and vibrant, floral wedding cake arrangements can be seen bursting with exotic colors including magenta, pink, and blue to creamy whites. Design your wedding single-tier cake with radiant orchids and roses on top with an unusual and beautiful look.

Free Spirit

Tulips and chrysanthemum make a good pair. The varying textures between the cup-shaped tulips and wild chrysanthemums create a look of both lush and vibrant on your wedding cake.

Pure Love

Romantic blooms like dahlia and Juliet roses are popular wedding flowers known for their classic elegance. It will be a gift to your partner’s heart from you on your wedding day.

Beyond Sky

Beyond sky

Asiatic lilies, white roses and white mini carnations accented with blue lace and cream spray roses with an addition of few sea holly flowers are enough to make a dramatic effect on your chocolate wedding cake.

Unconditional Love

Designing your naked wedding cake with passion flowers such as classic garden roses or lady killer roses serves as an exotic surprise. Garden roses are known for their large bloom sizes, high petal numbers, and mild shades.

Colorful Gerbera

Colorful gerbera

A combination of colorful gerbera and daisies on your simple creamy white cake showcases a rainbow of color which brings freshness and excitement. It also gives it a rustic cake design.

Wild and Free

Wild and free

Roses, protea and dried African flowers bring out natural, effortless beauty on a nearly naked wedding cake. This arrangement of wedding cake showcases wild and free soul.

Good Day

Good Day

Sunflowers with purple lisianthus look like an instant mood booster over Pastel Ombre Wedding Cake with its multi-colored flowers and give it a refreshing look.

Lovely Lavender

Lavender Wedding Cakes

Lavender Wedding Cakes

Handpicked lavenders wreaths should use in combination with white flowers. The striking beauty and iconic velvety surfaces of Hypericum give them a grey shade

Stunning Beauty

Stunning Beauty

Lilies with purple lisianthus and red roses on the cake will make the cake look gorgeous. For interesting floral arrangement ideas, seeded eucalyptus is suitable options with tiny light green seeds and long leaves.

Blush Romance

White and soft pink roses create a feminine look. Rosemary and lavender as it looks rich it also adds the aroma. Thus this makes a lovely contrast of colour and fragrance.

Luxury Life

Luxury life

Soft and delicate Small size of spray roses makes the wedding cake especially versatile for decorating smaller surfaces. Exotic elements like passion flower and succulents offer your classic wedding cake a tropical revival.

Ultimate Love

Juliet roses with peonies also go well with the white cake. Giving a touch of elegant and showcases an ultimate love over the ceremony.

Fantastic Foliage

Fantastic foliage

Some people love shining flowers all together on their wedding day in favors of foliage. Crisp white wedding flowers provide sophisticated look when combined with foliage.


Each tier of the cake decorated with delicate white flowers such as white roses, lilies, and jasmine will make the cake showstopping yet straightforward.

Succulents Special

Due to the flower shaped structure, Echeveria could be incorporated into wedding cake. Their ashy yet elegant green color is ideal to complement with many other types of wedding flowers.

And They Happily Lived Ever After

Stock flowers, also known as Gillyflowers, with a wide variety of colors such as white, pink, red and purple. They symbolize a happy life, incorporating them over buttery textured wedding cake will symbolize a new chapter for a newly married couple.

Pastel Perfection

An ultimate showstopper, multi-tier cake beautifully constructed with attention to detail of fresh flowers such as hydrangea and eryngium, with a single red killer rose would steal the show.

Full of Love

Full of Love

Fresh flowers can be used right on a cake, by placing a soft arrangement on the top of the cake or with divider to prevent the flowers on the creation, but the flowers should be washed and dried before applying on the cake.


A delightful surprise with candied edible flowers, either made at home or bought from the shop and an excellent choice for floral garnish on cakes of all varieties from wedding cakes to individual cupcakes. Accent flowers can affix to the borders, or it can be used to line the edges of a multi-tiered cake.

Pretty Peony

Peony is a fantastic flower for dressing up even the minimalist cakes. White pearls, colored laces would provide a finishing to the cake.

Timeless Beauty

Coral pink garden roses make gorgeous wedding cakes, accented with light pink and white stock flowers along with cascading green amaranth. Also, velvety dusty miller leaves and seeded eucalyptus branches can also be used to enhance the look of wedding cake.

Posh Love

Posh Love

Although not a flower, gold leaf is a must when it comes to wedding cake decor. One does not need too much of it either. In fact, the ideal thing for an elegant and classic wedding cake is none other than Just a touch of gold leaf

Thus, from garden roses to dahlias and from passion flowers to sea holly, there is a colorful variety of flower arrangements that can be used to transform the wedding cake.

To give the guest all in all sugar high while at the same time it showcases the on-trend style and taste, one can design their wedding cake with amazing flowers. It is sure that a wedding cake and flower combination matches everybody’s wedding color palette and floral style.