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Are you planning to start a business in wedding stationery industry & looking for a guide? If yes, you are at the right place. With the whole world going frenzy over wedding details, isn’t it a great idea to get associated with something related to the weddings only. Those already in business would agree to this immediately and others, if the remaining of you agrees with me, then how about choosing the wedding cards for your next big business idea??

Here you go.


There are more than 25 million small businesses are running in the United States of America & plenty of options for a wedding stationery business. Mainly this business combines two things design and printing services. Trust me it’s creative and challenging.

Market Potential

Every Bride and groom spends money on invitations as they strive to show their guests a glimpse of the big day to come. All you need is to attract with quality design and exceptional customer service.

How to Start

The only way to start this business with low budget is to work as a dealer of big organization who has a large inventory and printing machines with the latest technology which should be capable to print anything.

How to Become a Wedding Invitations Dealer

What You Need to Start: To begin with, all you need to do is purchase a sample kit from us. Wondering why to buy a sample kit?? Well, the kit is an absolute value for money with all the material that you require to start and promote your wedding card business. These sample cards would enhance the glamour of your store.

Sample Kit Includes: In our sample kit, we offer you some of our most whimsical bestselling wedding cards along with approx. 60 loose sample cards including some of our scroll cards. Not just this, we offer our whole range of add-on cards such as RSVP, Thank You, Menu cards and others in our sample kit that is sure to impress your customers with their mesmerizing beauty. All these sample cards could be easily displayed in your stores with immense pride. Weaving magic in your client’s wedding with our range of unique wedding invitations will give you an implausible joy of becoming a wedding invitation dealer with us.

Wedding Invitations Sample Kit - A2zWeddingCards

Charges of Sample Kit: By now, you must be convinced that everything is so great about becoming a dealer with A2zWeddingCards then, prices for the sample kit might be too high. If you are wondering so, you are just wrong. We are offering our sample kit only at $200 for you. In this nominal price, we are including all the shipping charges as well.

Personalize Your Sample Kit: How about customizing your sample kit of your own?? Yeah!! Absolutely right! All you need to do is browse our website and select the codes of the cards that you want in your sample kit. What next? Just to get your set of cards, drop us an email at with your selected card codes and we would send it across to you. Finally falling in the love with the idea to become a dealer with us, stay on! We have more for you.

Why A2zWeddingCards? Still hesitant to take a move?? Well, let us give you one more reason to become a dealer with A2zWeddingCards. Dealer registrations for wedding cards with us were never this exciting right? However, we are not done yet!! Once you become a dealer with becoming a dealer with A2zWeddingCards, you will get 25% discount on every order you place with us. And shipping charges for our dealers are already offered at a discounted rate.

Your Designs: As we have large inventory and printing machines with the latest technology so we are able to customize wedding invitations as per your client’s requirements.

Keep Your Business Afresh: One last benefit of becoming a wedding invitation dealer through our dealer registration program is that we would help you to stay ahead of the changing market curve. How? Well, we keep sending our latest and hottest designs to our already existing wedding invitation dealers. With all this and much more, you would keep your wedding invitation business fresh and exciting always.

If you still have any further query or concern regarding how to become a dealer with us or anything that you want to share with us, we have a dedicated customer support team to help you out in and out 24×7 at your convenience.

We wish our collaboration to grow in the coming months and you receive more orders from your customers with our amazing wedding cards collection.

Working with A2zWeddingCards will give you an experience of excellent customer services and great back-end support round the clock.