Our Amazing Ideas To Have A Legit Weed Wedding For Fun!

Weed weddings are latest trend in the states where marijuana has finally become legal. Lot of vendors and wedding planners have already started to use the potential beauty of cannabis in the weddings to make them all the way more amazing. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to say your wedding vows when you are high. Not just this, here are some classy marijuana wedding ideas for your wedding day.

Reception Tables

How to serve cannabis in wedding How to serve cannabis in wedding 2

The first thing to consider for cannabis wedding ideas is the reception tables. You can have beautiful centerpieces at each table with bouquets including bud plants. Other than this, you can have weed supply on each table for your guests to enjoy.

The Wedding Toasts

The wedding toasts

Let all your wedding guests get high on marijuana and see how funny your wedding toast could be. With your best man getting really how, you would love to listen the funny speech that would be best part of any weed wedding.

Cannabis Gourmet Edibles

Cannabis gourmet edibles for wedding food 1

Cannabis gourmet edibles for wedding food 2

Hire some professional cannabis educated chefs for your wedding and with their experience, they would be able to offer some weed-infused gourmet edibles in your wedding. Limit the number of the edibles for each guest as some of them can be quite potent.

Play The Music Loud

wedding dance party

Sensations automatically heighten when you are high and the best bud wedding idea based on this would be to have lots of food and music in such wedding. With loud music, your guests would enjoy at their best and they would remember your wedding longer.

Weed-Friendly Wedding Favors

Weed-friendly wedding favours 3

Weed-friendly wedding favours 2

The best cannabis wedding ideas include the idea of weed-friendly wedding favors. Weed lollipop, gourmet joints and other labelled edibles are great wedding favors for a weed wedding.

Ideal Wedding Card

Floral Wedding Invitations - A2zWeddingCards

Since it is a weed wedding, you should give a first glimpse to your guests similar to this. In place of choosing any other wedding card, you can opt for Floral Wedding Invitations Resembling The Bud Plant or you can ask your wedding card manufacturer to design one for your wedding.

The Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet with cannabis

Since it’s a cannabis wedding, the best bud wedding idea would be to use the bud plant everywhere possible. You can use this in bridal bouquet too and if your bride is planning to wear a tiara, it could be used in the tiara too.

Replace The Old Bars

Cannabis wedding bar

Cannabis wedding bar 1

Bars are always the most popular place in any wedding and since, you are having a cannabis wedding, your bar needs to be extra special. A cannabis bar with professional bud tender is the best marijuana wedding idea you can have.

Cannabis Wedding Cake

Cannabis wedding cake

The wedding itself is cannabis themed and hence, you cannot ditch it in any wedding details not even the wedding cake. A cannabis wedding cake would be the best cannabis wedding idea and it would set your guests really high.