Already engaged, planning to get married soon. Wait…It’s high time to plan & celebrate the whole wedding ceremony without any hitch. Several tales of marriage woes are frequent in the news nowadays especially it happens when the wedding season arrives. You will see many stories wherein the reception venues are double-booked for the same day or photographers who did not deliver the photos or maybe like the bridal gown shops that don’t have a dress finished on time and much similar type of stories are evident in recent times. The bulk of marriage item suppliers are respected businesses that provide couples with the ideal services for their big day. But, some other vendors are just looking to make money at all costs by not providing services on time.

So, have a look on the below mentioned tips or points to avoid any kind of trouble related to the matters related to wedding service providers.

  • Always investigate the business before exchanging money- It is very important to investigate all the service providers with whom you are going to make a deal regarding your special day. You can search online for reviews or you can their credibility in Business Bureau to make sure the vendor is perfect for hiring.
  • Always take word-of-mouth recommendations- Another aspect to be taken care of is choosing the vendor by taking the word of mouth recommendations.  You can ask your friends or family members who have gotten married and whom they selected for flowers, photos, music and other activities.
  • Make contracts- It is always better to make contracts with the vendors who are going to supply items related to your wedding function. The contract must include all the details of the business transaction along with the model number, price, and details regarding deposits, alterations, and sign of both the parties.
  • Make check who will be servicing your marriage- Sometimes; the vendors subcontract its services to other vendors. For instance, the photographer you meet at the studio may not be the photographer who shows up at your wedding. So, make sure you have a preference as to select a person who will give services for your event and get it included in the contract.
  • Get certification- Many scams are more subtle. For example, bridal shops who remove designer labels from gowns because they are not authorized retailer for it is a subtle scam. Another is the jewelry stores that misrepresent the quality of diamonds and other jewelry. So, make sure you obtain legitimate certification before buying any product from a shop.

So, I hope the above mentioned points will surely help you in making your wedding scam and hassle free.