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Selecting perfect wedding invitations for a marriage in New York involves similar strategy as choosing a wedding dress, because both of them cause’s bridal panic attack. Well, it is a known fact that first impression is the last impression forever and wedding invitations set the tone and theme for the entire affair in a perfect manner. So, what are the different elements which can help in selecting a perfect marriage invitation card in New York City?


Many bride and groom struggle to create a perfect theme for their marriages. According to my experience, bride and grooms begin with a theme in mind, but it goes out the window once as they see the samples of the invitations.

So, it is advisable to keep an open mind about invitations, especially if you have not decided the theme of the matrimonial function happening in New York. Occasionally after seeing the product samples can cause a difference between liking an invitation card and ordering an invitation card. My best suggestion is to plan a wedding according to a color theme, rather selecting the theme of the marriage only.

a2zweddingcards wedding cards wedding invitation cards


Invitation cards can get pricey according to the size, designs and textures of the card. It becomes highly difficult to ascertain the fair price of the card against the level of quality and brand. Therefore, I will recommend that you must compare the prices of many vendors on various online wedding cards portal to get a reasonable deal for the choice. Some vendors may offer free guest address printing on invitation envelopes, while some offer free shipping. It’s important to consider each aspect of a price to get the most favorable deal for your wedding invitation card.

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Invitation design

Beauty of the invitation is the true measure for its success. It is known fact the liking for a card differs from person to person. For instance, many bride and groom feel that a metallic colored invitation with a satin ribbon and gemstone will set the perfect stage for an elaborate, flashy marriage. On the other hand, many bride and groom will like classic invitations, featuring a white cotton card stock with black, gold or silver lettering that appears simple and elegant.

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